Month: August 2018

dyosathemomma: McDelivery-Cheeseburger Meal

McDelivery Saves The Day!

I could say that my day was productively busy if I go get my phone and order food online! Lakas maka-millennial! But really, isn’t this what most of us do these days? Order things online? No wonder food delivery apps are now on average in the top 30 most downloaded apps in major markets! Time-starved and convenience-seeking consumers- […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: Nutrition and Hydration when breastfeeding-Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

How Does Your Nutrition and Hydration Affect Your Baby When You Breastfeed

What contains all the nutrients, antibodies and hormones that a baby needs to thrive? BREAST MILK! And during the first six months of life, Breast Milk alone is the ideal nourishment for them. It’s been said, and I could attest, that babies who are breastfed through the first year of life have fewer illnesses and a […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Shopwise Circuit Makati, Now Open To Serve!

Grocery shopping has been more like a casual fun experience to me more than an actual chore to accomplish since I became a mom. Strolling along the aisles with Ysha seems to be an adventure for the both of us! We never notice time swiftly flying by while we pick out our all-time favorites and […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask skin care for moms, AmariaNish

Dermairis Korean Face Mask

We Filipinas are among the first to embrace Korean skin care products when this beauty trend started making waves in the beauty industry. Of course, Koreans know skincare! That’s why face masks and all other Korean skin care products have taken the international beauty industry by storm with consumers clinging on their many benefits in achieving beautiful translucent […] Read more…

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