Is Palm Oil The Best Kind of Cooking Oil for the Family?

Serving up some delish menu on the table never fails to bring the family together. Yummy dishes not only makes up happy tummies but also satisfied pallets! That’s why home-makers like me always look for the best products in making the food that we serve.
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger
One kitchen product we always disregard or pay very little attention to is our COOKING OIL. Yes, the product we use to cook our food. Most of us moms may be “brand conscious” or we do have our favorite go-to brands when we shop for home/kitchen needs, but I am guilty of not really giving so much care about which brand of cooking oil we use everyday. When we do the grocery, I look for a vegetable oil and whichever has the cheapest price, I instantly go for it! It’s like they all look the same to me so I’ll just go ahead and pick the least pricey of them all, not knowing that these oils have a big contribution to our food and therefore, our health.
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger, AmNiszhaGirl
My little chef! ❤
This 2019, one of my goal is for my whole family to eat healthy and stay healthy. But deep-frying certainly doesn’t have to be unhealthy even now that we’ve started weight-watching, right? It largely comes down to the type of oil you use, and how you use it. That is why I am so happy to be introduced to one of the most trusted palm oil brands in the country, Jolly Claro Palm Oil! This product hits everything on my goal of keeping the family healthy while still enjoying delicious food everyday!
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger, AmNiszhaGirl
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger, AmNiszhaGirl
She ate 3 fried chicken during this meal! 😀
Here are some points moms like me need to know about Jolly Claro Palm Oil:
  • It is cholesterol-free – we all want this, right? Since it’s classified as vegetable oil and it is not made from animal fat, it is cholesterol free!
  • It does not solidify – Claro Oil is the best choice in Baguio City household because, as we say it, hindi natutulog yung mantika.
  • It doesn’t get rancid – doesn’t easily get that unpleasant taste and smell we all hate on cooking oils.
  • Palm Oil comes from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm. In its virgin form, the color is orange red because of its high beta carotene content.
  • It resists oxidation – simply put, there’s no undesirable series of chemical reactions involving oxygen that degrades the quality of an oil.
  • It has equal portion of saturated & unsaturated fat (OMEGA 3) – oils that have equal proportion of saturated and unsaturated fats are best, because these are the most stable at high heat.
  • It has a high content of Vitamin A & antioxidants – wow! I didn’t even know cooking oils could have this!
One thing that makes Jolly Claro Oil stand out vs other brand competition in the market is that it goes through the 5-step process: refined thrice, filtered twice. making it cleaner and clearer.
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger, AmNiszhaGirl
Stress Test: 3 different cooking oil brands (left to right: Popular brand, Jolly Claro, Generic Cooking Oil) and only Jolly Claro Palm Oil did not solidify.
That’s why Jolly Claro Palm Oil is very Popular in Baguio! Hindi natutulog ang matika! Hahaha!
There are a lot of cooking oils available in the market so it’s important to choose, which ones are ideal for deep-frying. Taste obviously matters as well. When deep frying, oils that have high smoke point are generally preferred. Needless to say, palm oil fits the bill. Cholesterol free and has equal proportion of saturated and unsaturated fat makes Claro Oil a better choice for everyday cooking!
Check out our vlog where we cooked fried chicken using Jolly Claro Palm Oil. What did the fried chicken tasted like and how did the oil looked like after cooking 3 batches? Just click below!
Based on my own experience, the Jolly Claro Palm Oil remains clear after several usage and does not alter the taste of the dish but will even bring out the natural flavor of the food! Not only is it is affordable but it’s also made from highest quality of palm.
dyosathemomma: Jolly Claro Palm Oil review, mommy blogger, AmNiszhaGirl
Moms want nothing but the best for their family and with Jolly Claro Palm Oil, every dish is sure to be a big hit! Clarong oil-inis, Clarong oil-inaw at oil-inamnam
Momma Nish
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