With all the struggles we encounter as humans on our everyday lives, we sometimes tend to forget to smile and be happy. Yes, “living” is a daily battle. Waking up in the morning after that workload and transportation madness yesterday is a challenge. But cheer up! We shall not forget to breathe, relax and be happy.

Here are some of the many ways how:

  1. Be Satisfied. It’s one of the main keys to be happy. As you stress yourself over getting a new pair of branded shoes, someone out there doesn’t even have one.
  2. Enjoy the little things. This fast-pacing world could be tricky. Don’t miss a small joke just because you are pre-occupied of tasks to do later. Eat slowly and savor the food. Laugh with your family and friends. Remember that little things count, enjoy them.
  3. Pamper Yourself. Get enough sleep and rest, eat healthy and engage in sports or recreational activities. It lightens up your body and your outlook in life. Reward yourself with full body massage or a movie. You deserve it.
  4. Do not compare yourself with others. Never ever! It will cause you nothing but depression. We all have our own personal greatness, look for the one in you. When you stop comparing yourself with others you will have inner peace, and when you feel good about yourself, you can be happy.
  5. Share. There is always joy in sharing. Share your food, share your thoughts, share your prayers. It will never fail to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Go ahead and share your blessings. It will return in thousandfold.

There are lots of things we need to go through to survive regular human life. But in spite of this, there are always these little reasons to smile. God loves us and that is enough reason to be happy.


Musang and I (Baluarte ni Chavit, Vigan, Ilocos Sur)



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