I certainly recognize that there are far worse, more life-threatening illnesses, but this highly contagious Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is so disturbing! My 1 year old niece got it and 5 days after, my 1 and a half year old daughter who has NEVER been sick got it too!

dyosathemomma-HFMD in kidsdyosathemomma-HFMD in kids

HFMD is a highly contagious disease caused by the Enterovirus group of viruses that results in:

  • fever
  • sore throat / mouth sores / blister-like lesions on the tongue (which may make them lose appetite or have a hard time ingesting food)
  • rashes with blistering primarily on the hands, palms, soles and feet
  • sometimes on the other parts of the body, including mouth, legs, torso, elbows, bottoms and genitals

The sores usually appear first as red spots before they begin to blister. They normally won’t appear on the chest, back and face (cheeks & forehead).

One of the risks of the disease is dehydration, since the mouth sores can be painful. They have to be hydrated with non-acidic, clear liquids.

We were advised to make fresh fruit juices for Ysha. I also made her fruit ice candies which she enjoyed for a week. Never ever give them anything warm as it will aggravate their already hot and swollen mouth.

dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids

dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids
She had a hard time controlling herself not to scratch the itch away

As with most viruses, the disease is easily spread through bodily fluids or through blister fluids if the blisters rupture. These fluids can be spread through sneezing, coughing or touching contaminated surfaces. It makes sense why HFMD spreads so quickly in schools.

dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids
Shed only had few rashes on her arms
dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids
Few on her legs too and the blisters on her right leg was the worse she got.
dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids
My niece Zia had way more spots than Ysha but she didn’t have fever and sore throat.

There is no certain way to keep kids from acquiring this unsightly blister-inducing disease. There’s also no vaccine to prevent it. But here are some tips that might be helpful in making them a bit safer:

Wash your hands regularly.

This has been our golden rule! Encourage every member of your family to wash thoroughly and often. Good hygiene, especially hand-washing will help keep the disease from spreading. #TrustOnlyInSafeguard 😀

dyosathemomma-HFMD in kids. Wash with Safeguard
We have always trusted Safeguard on protecting our family from germs.

Avoid close contact.

No kissing or hugging! And please, don’t let others use their personal eating utensils or cups.

Keep away from sick kids.

I am guilty of this. I let my niece stay with us and play with my daughter while she has HFMD. Take note that prevention is always better than cure.

Call the doctor very quick!

If you suspect your child has HFMD, it is crucial that you immediately visit your doctor and please keep your child at home until the symptoms disappear to avoid spreading illness.

Ysha had an intense need to snuggle for 3 days but that’s ok. It’s the least we could do to comfort them and give a little ease on what they’re going through. Let’s all try the best we can to be safe and free from any disease. Healthy diet, vitamins, proper rest and regular exercise are always the key factors to boo-ing sickness away.


Momma Nish


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