As a reflection for recently turning 27, I ask this to myself- Do I like me? Do I like who I am? Or what I am now?

Have any of you asked this question to yourselves yet? Examine your life and gauge if you like who you are?

But first we ask, who am I really?

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a writer, an outdoor / travel enthusiast…

These are the principles I like to lead myself with.

Many of us- women/moms- liveq life with many hats. On top of being the best mothers we could be to our children and wives to our respective husbands, we also are employees, businesswomen, housekeepers, fitness enthusiasts, travellers, dreamers and many more.

935672d19d87a0b0ef8f241b283471aa.jpgHow do we stay sane? How do we balance everything that no aspect of our lives is left behind or disregarded? When was the last time you had coffee with your friends? Or the last time you had coffee that you didn’t have to reheat after it gets cold? 😀

Women are indisputably resilient, strong and tough. Time is changing and we always adapt to the needs of time. But in this modern time where the pressure is to go with the flow, are the women of today strong enough to go against the tide and say “this is who I am”?

Do I think for myself without Facebook or Instagram telling me how to think?

Am I honest in representing myself? Because if I don’t like me, I will pretend to be someone else and I, therefore, will never be authentic.


If in the process you feel like you are not satisfied yet on where you are in life, be patient and don’t beat yourself up! You are not going to where you want to be right away but just keep doing what you’re doing and eventually you’ll get there.

I am glad to have found people who think like me and share the same interest. These people’s support and motivation have inspired me to strive more on the what I choose to achieve.

Remember that there will always be people who are better than you but NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF (the line I’ve always preached myself) and just always do your best on what you’re doing.


I try to always learn because there is always more to learn.

We learn from our failures, our pasts, our parents or friends. I surround myself with people who can teach me new things. People who challenge me and help me become a better version of myself. My Papang once said “If you’re the smartest in the room, then you’re in the wrong room!” 😀 From then, I see to it that I surround myself with smart people! Hahaha!

Flush away negative people out of your life! These are the people who are not happy to see you succeed. They don’t like your social media posts no matter how inspiring they are just because it’s you and they are unhappy seeing you enjoying life. Hahaha!

I count the special things I own in life that nobody else have.

I have a loving husband named Jason, a healthy daughter Amaria Niszha, a momcy who gave life to me and have stayed with me since. And many many more! Let’s count and be grateful for what we have and not complain and feel less fortunate for the things we don’t. 🙂


I honestly went through writing a personal list of some things to check if I do like me. And I suggest you do too! It’s a little therapeutic and meditational. It helped me appreciate me more! I found myself actually writing…

I do like my curly hair,

I do like the dress I bought for my birthday,

I didn’t like my teeth before but I worked it out with braces and I do like them now 😀

You’ll be surprised how much you like yourself! You will appreciate how blessed you are even without the other extra things you wish to have (which we normally tend to not appreciate).


Having been able to write how I feel, list some points of me that made me feel special, and even give advise out, I guess yes, I do like me!

I like myself so much that I wouldn’t replace me with anyone else. I am thankful for what I have and what I don’t have, for the problems I had and challenges I am currently facing, the people I have and the people I lost along the way. All of these factors and more shaped me and made me who I am now.

I do like me! Now, do you like you? 🙂



Mommy Nish

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  1. Hi, Tita Nish! This is so inspiring! Thank you for reminding us how lucky we are and how we should be thankful for it. I’ve known you for awhile and i do believe you’re special. You really deserve all the great things that are happening to your life right now. More blessings to come, tita. Love you!

    • My, this is so sweet, Trixie! <3 Thanks for reading, I do watch all your blogs too!!! Stay precious coz you always are, dear. Love you!

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