It is important to start the self-esteem conversation at home. This is one of the many learnings I gained at the very first #ConfidentGirl Forum by Dove and Mommy Mundo which was such a privilege for me to be invited to. <3

With Apples (Head of PR, Unilever), Janice (Founder, Mommy Mundo), Dette (Founder, Millennial Moms PH) & Neil (Marketing Director, Unilever) Could you imagine how honored and intimidated I was all at the same time for being around these inspiring & respected people? 😀

Mothers play a very crucial part on our daughters’ beauty anxiety. And since we’re the ones who understand them best, we can contribute a lot on changing the beauty mindset.

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Ms. Apples welcoming the mommy attendees.

I was so amazed on the studies & researches conducted to come up with the Dove Self-Esteem Project which could be an assistance to moms like me who have young daughters. They actually came up with a module!

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Which was discussed by power moms who are raising strong-willed daughters.

Gorgeous mommies Gabby, Tina & Janice <3

Here are the special points from Teacher Tina:

1. Love yourself. Many moms pass on their insecurities to their daughters. Check your love tank first, mommies. It should be full so you have a lot to give.

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2. Body Distortion. When do you give social media access to your daughter? The later the better. Fake images distort her view of what beauty is. She should get her LIKES from you first and not from IG, FB, SC, etc.

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3. Parent Translator. How do you communicate with your daughter. Conflict is normal and necessary! Resolving arguments with your daughter improves her critical thinking. Argue as if you are right but listen as if you are wrong!


And the special points from Teacher Gabby:

1. Our daughters 👧🏻 are like empty boxes that we (parents) fill up for when they become independent women. Make sure you fill your daughter’s box with GOOD, POSITIVE things.

As Teacher Tina shared, a lot of the woes of our children stem from the parents and how they are parenting.

2. Popularity is a central ingredient of self-esteem and may be won through ACCOMPLISHMENTS (amongst the other obvious things). So help your daughters set goals and value her accomplishments.

Mommy Paola sharing stories on raising 2 beautiful girls, Sjöfn and Semira. 🙂

3. Temperamental outbursts are expected at this stage and it will usually be aimed at you, MOM. Your daughter is testing her independence. Remember before you respond that you are the grown-up! Don’t counter-attack.

Just wanted to include this photo of me and this inspiring mom I had the pleasure of knowing. Love you, Mommy RJ! <3
And I love this photo I took of Neil & Mommy Dette! They look like celebs! 😀

4. The more pop culture our daughters are exposed to, the higher the risk on their self-esteem. The guide on THE DISTORTION OF BEAUTY has more tips, research, and some ways we can work this out with our girls to help them realize that magazine and even social media posts are not as real as they seem.

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“So much to think about when raising kids and now I am focused on my daughters and building their self-esteem so they can be a #confidentgirl 💁🏻” – Gabby

Agree! Agree!


And we are so lucky that this module is downloadable! So take advantage of the research and download the #UniquelyMe guide for parents on building your daughter’s body confidence! To know more of this project, check out

I have personally been using Dove products and you may also read my review here 🙂

Let’s continue to advocate #RealBeauty through this simple step and together, let’s show our daughters what it means to be a #ConfidentGirl. <3


Momma Nish

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