Writing now about my first ever spa party with moms like me brings back the nail salon smell and the happy mommy faces into my memory!

I just back from my La Union trip and had my brother Ramzy take me to Nail It Salon in Makati thinking I can’t miss this!

And these where what was waiting for mom attendees like me!


Gifts from Ogalalaย World, The Parenting Emporium,


Cutie accessories from @fayerytrinkets, nursing apron from @littlecocoy,

Yummy treats from @mommyjheiydbakes and @mrsksdecopau.

and these you’re-too-cute-I-don’t-wanna-eat-you cup cakes from @sweettreatsbysandra.


Mommies had a total chill session as we were served refreshments from @bayanibrew while our hands & feetย were getting the much needed pampering. ๐Ÿ˜€


Munching on this heavenly Chooey Goooeyย while getting them nails done!


I had an event in Shangri-la the next day and I still wonder why did I go for ‘barbie pink’ on my nails this day. Hahaha! But I’m gladย it turned out well. ๐Ÿ™‚


First batch of mommas getting mani/pedi services.

Because moms need breaks and me-times too!


And I definitely got the well-deserved relaxation time I was looking forward to!


This has been a great venue for us in meeting new moms, hearing some of their great mommy stories & journey, and of course learning from them in some sorts.

With 2 of my favorite mompreneurs! Jayreen and Che. <3


Hats off to The Momma Club ambassadors, especially to the founder, Momma Jay, for organizing a spa day like this for busy, hard-working mommies.


These mommies are so game when I asked them to do the Nganga Poseย as I took a groufie!

So now, I bet you can just imagine mommies going home with awesome loots and happy hearts. <3

If you wish to experience this kind of #MommaTime, hurray! Because we are having a post-Mothers Day Spa Party! And you mommas are invited! ๐Ÿ˜€


Momma Nish


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