When you travel with your children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away… Experience, Exposure & A Way of Life.Pamela T. Chandler


I had the longest family holiday! And I am starting my 2017 blog with an awesome family trip, my Ysha’s first airplane ride! Our vacation in the beautiful island of Coron, a first class municipality in the province of Palawan. 🙂


I wasn’t expecting Ysha’s first fly to be that relaxed. As advised by her tita ninang Valerie who is a flight attendant of Emirates, I breastfed Ysha as the plane took off to minimize the pressure on her ears. She was awake and happily playing with me and her daddy the whole 45-min trip.


Niszha The Exporah <3


Touchdown Busuanga Airport!

On our twinning sandals

We checked in at Coron Westown Resort, probably the best hotel in Coron as per manong tricycle driver. 😀 It was very convenient because they have airport-hotel transfers for only P150 per head. There are also package tours options available at the front desk. We usually trust booking.com when looking for hotels. http://www.booking.com/hotel/ph/coron-westown-resort Rates may vary depending on the dates or availability.

The only thing I didn’t like is that Wi-Fi isn’t free. Well, it’s free on the cafe but connection is very poor so it’s useless. You have to pay P100 per 12 hours, which is ok but thing is connection is also not good.


Room is clean, AC in perfect condition, complete toiletries, courteous staff. I highly recommend Coron Westown Resort if you plan to visit this island!


Afternoon dip with my munchkin while our daddy does business stuffs at the cafè.


I’m so in love with my little swimmer who enjoys the water sooo much!


Both having our snack 😀


Hotel food is very important! The snacks and meals we tried at Coron Westown Resort all gets a thumbs up.

The next day, we were out by 9am after the festive breakfast for our tour. I was afraid Ysha’d have sea sickness or get frightened out in the sea, but oh she was enjoying herself being splashed by water while the boat was sailing!

My little sailor enjoying the sea, the air and the sun. 🙂


First stop!


The beautiful Kayangan Lake.


We had to climb up and then down to reach the glorious waters. I advise you bring a carrier if you plan to bring an 8-month old baby with you. I forgot mine! Hihi.


Swimming with the fish on this clear water! Great for snorkeling too!


Breastfeeding break for the energetic baby girl who got tired from swimming. 😀


Madame baby on our way to Beach 91


Then grand lunch by the white sand beach!

We enjoyed the company of these awesome people. Ysha’s ninang Tin & ninong Diboi’s family and friends from California. Our trip wouldn’t be the same without all of them. <3

More mommy-baby moments!




Niszha with her newly wed Ninang Kristine before heading to a new island.


My favorite people in the world!


This little girl didn’t get scared at all! Even if we do not hold her or her floater! She swims at every stop, just like all the rest of the adults. Hahaha!



Precious family moments at the Twin Lagoon.


Then the baby finally got tired and fell asleep. 😀


Selfie opportunity for ze parents!

The first day of tour was very enjoyable! Coron is clean & serene. Perfect destination for unwinding & relaxing.

On our third day, the weather wasn’t dry and it was windy. We decided not to join the tour and visit the hot spring instead since we have a baby with us.



Ysha enjoyed the warm water. We dipped her feet first then few more minutes on her belly before soaking her completely.



More photos before leaving this therapeutic place.



Back at the hotel after having lunch at Kawayanan Grill in the town proper. We had a chance to have a relaxing afternoon nap.


Bagsak si Amarya. 😀


Snack time with Ysha’s Tita Gem


The hotel view itself is calming.

I must say this has been the best family trip #TeamKaChingChingChing has ever had so far. Our little girl enjoyed and she was very happy! For us parents, that is what matters most. She may not have any memory of this trip yet but she will be grateful to see her baby photos happily traveling with her family when she grows up.


Niszha’s first boarding pass 😀

And yes, that’s her trying to talk to the PAL staff. She always greets and say hi to everyone. Such a happy baby!


Hoping for more family travels! Every memory of their childhood is precious. Let us enjoy bonding with our little ones while we still can!


Mommy Nish

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  1. Oh wow!!! What a beautiful family…. and I am thrilled to see families traveling with their little ones:) SO proud of you and keep traveling… near or far:) I am a Filipina base in Dallas, TX:) Check out my blog as well… I started traveling with my kids since theyre 3 months old:)

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