The feelingΒ of having a live human being inside you is… (searching for words) just AMAZING.Β Let me, please, have the honour of sharing that experience with you. πŸ™‚



The beginning.

And then all the necessary tests where done. And then I own a baby book! I still couldn’t believe it! I got an Enfamama baby book with my name on it!




The breakout suddenly had a reason. Dra. Mitch said a huge factor could be hormonal imbalance. So don’t you worry if pimples suddenly start invading your face. πŸ™‚

Also, I was then 49kg.



1 month pregnant



2 months pregnant



3 months pregnant

And then the cravings and the “I am eating for two” started.


Beeeef! Plus mango and unlimited sweets. My appetite got weird but it was ok because I was lucky enough to haveΒ eaten everything I craved for. πŸ™‚

My pregnancy, unlike most pregnanciesΒ I heard of, was smooth, easy and happy. Throwing ups and the like that makes preggy women stressed and ugly didn’t occur to me that much. Again, I was one lucky buntis. But if you aren’t, staying in bed until dizziness or nausea fades and avoiding food you think causes this could save you.

Documenting how your body changed through out your 9 months of carrying that precious angel is also exciting. I recommend you take photos of your body transformation as a remembrance. I tell you, you are gonna miss that bod! πŸ˜€


1st – 2nd – 3rd month of Pregnancy



1st Trimester survived!


The struggle of being a mom starts on the 2nd trimester. I was anxious, exaggeratedly worried of how to be a perfect mom for my little one. But I know I couldn’t, so how could I be a good mom at least?

I started to read about these things online. I started to listen to music and talk to her more often now. I started to eat healthy and never had a drop of coffee since I learned I was pregnant. That part was really hard for me since I was a coffee drinker. But all these changes and adjustment in your lifestyle are all worth it.


That appetite though.


My driver, taking me to my checkup. πŸ˜€


Then, seeing a healthy baby girl with a frame looking at lot like me on our 2nd ultrasound, my world changed completely. I love you and yes, I am going to be a good mom to you.


I went out more often with this little boy Pharaoh and momcy as my form of walking exercise. Though at the same time, hunting for good food to eat has been our hobby too.


On my 5th month, I gained 6kg which was still normal. Though trimming on sugar and carbs is already advisable. Drinking lots of water is a Β must too!

Also, I stopped doing the PR and Marketing job for Airborne Technologies so I got lots of time in a day andΒ I got a little bored. I worked as an online English teacher for Chinese students at 51Talk from 6PM-11PM.


The experience with my students was great but the pay and the company’s system are not really good so I would not recommend a pregnant womanΒ go through the stress this could bring. Though it was great that I got to read the little one in my tummy a lot of English stories for 4 months.

My regular meal serving changed, and that was expected. But a little control could be great. As for me, I started to crave for banana bread and choco frappe for 3 months I think which wasn’t really healthy but uncontrollable, on my defense.


My tastebuds were really looking for these!Β 


4thΒ – 5th – 6th month of Pregnancy


And then on my last trimester, all the expansions and swellings came out.



I haven’t been all moody or emotional even on this pregnancy stage. I still frequently go out to malls and the church with my lakad-mates. I go out to meet with my friends and chat. That makes me really relaxed. Laughing and exchanging funΒ stories with my close friends.



We ahve already bought baby stuffs and I joined Baby Expos in preparation for the coming of my princess. Everything has to be ready. I can’t miss out on anything.



A little bit of zumba and 1hr walk on my roof top everyday. These exercises could help delivery “easier” and normal instead of having a Caesarian Section delivery. Lift your legs up on pillows when you lie in bed after a walk to relax your muscles. Soft massage, except from the lower back up, is also relaxing.



By this time the belly button may stick out, but don’t panic like me because it is normal and it will find its way back in once the baby is out. Oh, my baby is almost out! I am gonna see her real soon!


Seeing her on our 4D ultrasound made my heart jump! And I tell you, talking to them while inside your tummy is true! They listen! They do what you ask them to do! I don’t know but it worked for me. Hahaha!

Sing them songs, read them stories, listen to classical music. These bondingΒ have been proven to help baby’s brain development.


7th – 8th – 9th month of Pregnancy

And then, on April 18, 2016 via normal delivery, I became a mother. And that was the most painful yet happiest day of my life.


To all the expectant moms out there, happy pregnancy!



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  1. Love your article, mommy Nish! πŸ™‚ congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Can’t wait to meet her😘

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