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dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask skin care for moms, AmariaNish

Dermairis Korean Face Mask

We Filipinas are among the first to embrace Korean skin care products when this beauty trend started making waves in the beauty industry. Of course, Koreans know skincare! That’s why face masks and all other Korean skin care products have taken the international beauty industry by storm with consumers clinging on their many benefits in achieving beautiful translucent […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: Voila x The Green Company organic living and healthy lifestyle, spa with mommies

Voila x The Green Company for Organic Living

With the society dictating what we should look like, women tend to lose their sense of identity trying to fit in. The media even has its ways of overstating the role of cosmetics and other skin care products in the market. There’s just way too much pressure in the society and it has clearly defined beauty […] Read more…

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