Raise your hand if you love Japanese Food! 😀

Now, since a lot of food establishments have been mushrooming on our foodie generation, it has been hard to tell which are worth your time and money. If your taste buds enjoy Japanese food just like me & my hubby, let me have the liberty of being this Japanese Restaurant’s voice in saying how praise-worthy yummy their food are!


Dohtonbori opened a branch in SM North EDSA last 2016. And oh! The ambiance & the smell took me to Japan!


Customers normally have to wait to be seated and you choose which area of the dining you’d wish to be settled as it is divided into three parts: usual dining, booth dining, & the traditional Japanese dining they Chabudai.

If you chose to dine Chabudai, you will have to remove your shoes and place it in a locker. I recommend you try it to experience real Japanese meal time! 🙂


Excited to eat! But dad, let’s take a photo first! 😀


Sake Karatanba | P130


I was dying to have a taste of Jaze’s drink while waiting for these Yakiniku to get cooked! But my, breastfeeding  moms really have to control themselves huh?


Pork Yakinuku | P180

I always leave the ordering part to Jaze for he’s the one who knows which food taste great. 😀 This Yakinuku is soft and literally mouth-watering. Meat lovers should definitely go for it.


Ramen Tonkotsu | P290

This noodle is heaven! The soup is very flavourful plus they make their own noodles! Absolutely one of the best noodles I’ve had in my food-appreciating lifetime. It is good for sharing if you have a small appetite. Must-try!

Everything on our table smells & taste great! But the highlight of our meal was, of course, the Okonomiyaki!


It is cooked on a rectangular griddle that each table has for their so called ‘Okonomiyaki Experience’. And I heard their staff were trained for 3 months just to learn how to cook this specialty!


It is cooked with noodles, finely sliced cabbage and tender meat then wrapped with eggs.


Topped with their original Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese Mayo, and seaweed flakes. Can you just imagine how flavorful this one could be?


Deluxe Okonomiyaki | P360

Cooked for 15 minutes and could be for sharing but if you loved it so much like we did, you’re gonna order one more. 😀


Parfait | P150

I don’t know about you guys but for me, dessert is a must! This one’s somewhat different from the likes that I’ve tried. A twist of sourness & sweetness in a bowl.


With our experience, we’re gonna be back for sure to try more of what this restaurant can offer.

Click the link for full menu: Dohtonbori Menu

Follow them on Instagram @dohtonbori_ph and like on Facebook Dohtonbori Philippines


Great service, ambiance & food. Prices are reasonable. They have 10% service charge by the way.


When each and every Japanese food house has been mainstream and tastes almost the same, Dohtonbori has exceeded my normal Jap food expectations. It’s no doubt that this Japanese Resto has been making people happy for 25 years now. I am so glad they have a branch at SM North EDSA, and also one at Greenhills then their latest at SM Mall of Asia. Thinking of trying them out? Go and stop having second thoughts now! 😀

Happy eating!


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