Well, I should say it wasn’t easy.


Me, 4 years ago. πŸ˜€

I am a the typical daldakina girl and having crooked teeth, my upper canines specifically, did not stop me from being talkative. I was confident, I swear, except when taking pictures. Hahaha! I feel like I look like a cat or a vampire when my whole teeth is out!


My usual awkward smile before I had my braces on. πŸ˜€

Then on my 2nd year in college, I talked to my momcy if I could have my braces on so I could have it taken off in time for my graduation pictorial. Hahaha! And I did.

The battle begun. I had teeth x-ray and my dentist took off 4 of my lovely pre-molars because my wisdom teeth were impacted! My momcy was beside me all the time during the bloody extractions. Telling me I feared of dentists when I was a kid and it led me to this, a more tragic dentist experience.


The Braces Experience

2 years of regular flossing and mouthwash on top of tooth brushing of course. You have to be diligent when you have wires all over your teeth, you are more prone to halitosis. I could brush my teeth before going to bed even when I am sooo drunk or really sleepy! Hahaha!

I wonder why we do not advertise dental floss here as much as we do with toothpastes. It is your teeth’s must have. Trust me. Brushing alone is not enough. Floss in between your teeth before brushing. Brush at least 5-10 minutes. Longer brushing is the thing, not hard brushing. Then let the mouthwash do the final touches. Wheewh! Fresh! πŸ˜€

Regular visit to your dentist is a must. You have to know if your teeth are still alive or if theyΒ need to get some pasta already. My dentist is an angel, I lost brackets several times and even my plastic gums to enhance my bite, he never asked me for extra charge! πŸ˜€

Having braces is one of my achievement in life. Here in the Philippines, they think you are rich if you have braces, but really, it means you have ugly set of teeth that’s why you have those on. I still felt that awkwardness in smiling for picturesΒ because this time, it seems like I do not have any teeth on pictures!

And after 2 years and 2 months, my upper braces are finally off! Though I did not reach my goal of having them off before graduation pictorial because I sometimes miss a month to see my dentist. I had to go home to Tarlac for my adjustment and I study in Quezon City. Doc said I might need 2 more months before he could remove my lower braces.

Now, here I am, full of confidence in smiling for the camera, doubled the talent of being a camera whore. πŸ˜€



My Airborne Tech Team and I on Adamson University Tour for PC Buyer’s Guide- ICT Roadshow.


My annoying brother, Ramzy, and her equally annoying sister, Nish.

Now, if there is anything I could share with you on my learning in this very significant part of my life, it is that…

Never fear a dentist, they are our best friend. πŸ™‚


PS: Take care of your teeth, they aren’t forever.

Teeth be with you,


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