Can you imagine caring for an infant without touching them? Responsive care has continuously been proven by research to build health attachments between children and their caregivers. In our case, that’s with us moms. Physical contact is valuable and critical component of healthy development. Simple gestures like diaper changing or even helping a kid climb a slide ladder offers responsive experiences to support learning and of course, happy experiences as well.ย Children’s well-being and learning are dependent on relational care.

Touch has long been recognized as a fundamental resource for human communication, sociality, closeness and care. It is a means of contact with the world, particularly vital to childrenโ€™s social, cognitive, and physical development.

Touch helps calm babies. They cry less which helps them sleep better. Brain development is facilitated they are calmer and sleep better. It also has a critical role in healthy childhood sexuality development. Even on the development of interpersonal sense of intimacy, trust, and emotional attunement.

dyosathemomma: Touch Of Care Effects on Babies, Vicks, mommy blogger, AmariaNish

dyosathemomma: Touch Of Care Effects on Babies, Vicks, mommy blogger, AmariaNish

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I’m writing about this, the importance of touch, because I have been extremely moved and emotionally touched by the video recently release by Vicks. It’s a story of Agnes who stood as a mother to a baby she wasn’t even biologically related to. She took care of the very sickly baby Jason as her own who turns out to have HIV.

At this age, people like Agnes are rare and finding an extraordinary, heart-striking story like hers in this world we live in is just startling! Kudos to Vicks for sharing with us such a selfless story. And hats off to all the moms and not moms who show genuine love and care through their warm touch, be it their own kids or not.

You may watch the full video of the story of Agnes below.


My daughters love caressing, cuddles and hugs. To them, unlimited kisses and warm massages are like gifts tied up on red ribbons. I bathe them, feed them and play with them every moment that I get. And that makes me the luckiest mom in the world because I get to nurture them while I earn because I work at home. Whenever they do something cute or awesome, my touch makes them feel appreciated and happy. When they feel a little under the weather, my touch makes them feel comfortable and safe. Such is the power of touch!

dyosathemomma: Touch Of Care Effects on Babies, Vicks, mommy blogger

I deeply wonder and worry at the same time, how do babies without moms get by? It’s so sad to even think about it. But thank heavens for people such as Agnes who are selfless and who touch the lives of many people, making the world a better place, one neglected baby at a time.

Let’s all spread awareness that everyone deserves a #TouchOfCare by simply sharing this campaign video of Vicks.

dyosathemomma: Touch Of Care Effects on Babies, Vicks, mommy blogger

Lack of touch can be hazardous to health. Touch is one of the most fundamental and effective ways to create a sense of connection and community among human beings. Let’s touch our babies more often! We’ll never know where these genuine #TouchOfcare will take them!



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  1. Ang laking bagay na nagagawa ng touch na yan. Napakapowerful ๐Ÿ’• It calms them and makes them feel safe and secured. ๐Ÿ’•

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