I always knew motherhood was going to change my life. But I didn’t quite understand the full extent of these changes until I was already one!


My Amaria Niszha is 13 months at present and I should say that being a full time mom to her has given me a great deal of motherhood experience. There are tons of things I didn’t know or didn’t know I could do until she came into my life! Here is my list:

1. I didn’t know I could function with only one arm.

Yes, we all do it, but it’s a totally different story when it’s a baby you’re holding on the other arm!

2. I didn’t know I could function without any arm!

This is the superlative version of #1. Say you’re holding your baby and then carrying other things at the same time, then you have to pick up something on the floor. Pure talent!


3. I didn’t know I could function with zero sleep.

You know you’re a mom when your fantasies are about sleeping! And you know what? I don’t wanna sleep like a baby, I wanna sleep like my husband! Hahaha!


4. I didn’t know I could talk baby language.

It’s a mystery how moms could just connect and understand their little ones even when no actual words were uttered.


5. I didn’t know I could be a singing diva to someone’s ears.

Ysha probably thinks I’m some kind of a performer or something. She seems to be so relaxed when I sing to her, and even started to sing a long with me when she was 7 months old! Also, my voice could calm the crankiest child. <3


6. I didn’t know I could stare at a sleeping human without getting bored.

I like to kiss her tiny hands and stare at her thinking- here sleeps a little girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder, and hands that will shape the world.



7. I didn’t know I have a slight case of OCD.

I can clean up a mess in no time! I’ve always been a little organised so fixing a little child’s mess didn’t take me a while to grasp.


8. I didn’t know that patience is one of the best qualities a person can have.

It honestly takes a lot of P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E to raise a human being! You will be surprised how much patience you will accrue when you have a kid/kids of your own. It is an utmost requirement in order to keep your sanity through the career of parenting. 😀


9. I didn’t know I was very strong physically and mentally.

There were several circumstances that my mind and body were both put into test, but luckily, I passed the challenges with flying colors! Motherhood always has its strains but remember to keep your grace and composure at all times, mommas!

10. I didn’t know that ‘Me Time’ is THIS important.

I always bring my baby with me since no one could watch over her if I want to go to the gym or have coffee with friends. Using the bathroom is literally the only private time I have all day and she still watch to join in! My time has become so incredibly valuable to me.



11.  I didn’t know how intensely moms can support each other.

The moms I met from different mommy communities are all eager to give helpful input to other moms. I am fortunate to be part of a tight group of non-judgmental, supportive moms. They’re such a blessing. <3

12. I didn’t know I could be a not-so-terrible mom after all.

I have always worried of being a good mother! Looking at how healthy and smart my baby has grown, I am figuring out that, yeah, I could be a good mother after all. <3


13. I didn’t know I could love so much that I think my heart will burst.

We love them so much more than we love ourselves. I am completely vulnerable. When we love another adult, we know that they’re autonomous beings who can take care of themselves. But my child is completely dependent on me for her safety and care. It is terrifying to love someone so defenseless. But I am deeply, extremely in love with her!

 14. I didn’t know how much my own mother devoted to me and my brother.

All I can say is that I am blessed & thankful to be given the mother that I have in this Earth life.


15. I didn’t know that life will still be awesome.

Given all the changes in my life, I didn’t expect that I could still very happy. It may not be the same kind of awesome I am used to, and it’s natural for it to suck sometimes, but the good will overpower the bad.

Your life will take on a completely different meaning. You will become a hero in someone’s eyes and that someone will be calling you ‘mommy‘.


Truly, there is no book or class out there that will fully prepare women for the adventures we’re about to endure as a mother. These things and more could help but the actual motherhood is the real thing.

Salute to all the mommas out there who has learned things like these and more through their motherhood journey! I admire you all! <3


Momma Nish



34 Comments on Things I Didn’t Know or Didn’t Know I Could ‘Til I Became A Mother

  1. I love everything you wrote here.Very inspiring especially to new moms! Every mom is a Wonder Woman! 🙂

  2. Great read! My boy had just turned 13 months. I can totally relate to you. He is even more attached to me because he’s still breastfeeding even though I’m working full time.

  3. Awww your baby girl is so sweet!! You make motherhood look so amazing- I can’t wait for my turn!! Enjoy every second of it!


  4. ALL. OF. THIS! You are spot on with everything you wrote. Motherhood is such a wonderful, exhausting, exhilarating, patience-trying, miraculous thing that no one can prepare for. Keep up the awesome work Momma! You are such a great role model to your sweet little girl.

  5. This is sooo sweet! I’m not a mom yet but I definitely want to be, so this gave me a lot to look forward to! (: I love the part about functioning without arms and realizing how much your mom loved you. That’s something you probably can’t fully grasp until you’re a mom yourself. What a darling baby you have!! (:

  6. Hi Nish, I super agree to all entries, especially number 15!
    When I got pregnant, I was half expecting that I will soon choose to give up a lot of things I hold important. But then, instead of motherhood being a barrier, I think it just presented me broader opportunities. I realized that back then, I, too, just didn’t know that life will still be awesome.

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