Getting ready for baby? Naming our precious angels could be one of the toughest or challenging part of being a millennial parent.

Picking a name for your child can sometimes feel overwhelming. Others even get the pressure when relatives, in-laws or even friends offer suggestions of their own and it could be hard to say no even if you don’t really like it!

babySo if you are also currently thinking of what to name your baby, check out the list below from Baby Center for some baby names inspiration.

1 Emma Liam
2 Olivia Noah
3 Ava Oliver
4 Isabella Logan
5 Sophia Mason
6 Mia Lucas
7 Amelia Ethan
8 Harper Elijah
9 Charlotte Carter
10 Mila James
11 Aria Aiden
12 Abigail Alexander
13 Avery Jacob
14 Ella Sebastian
15 Scarlett Michael
16 Layla William
17 Riley Benjamin
18 Evelyn Julian
19 Penelope Jackson
20 Emily Gabriel
21 Chloe Jayden
22 Zoey Luke
23 Luna Jack
24 Sofia Matthew
25 Madison Grayson
26 Ellie Daniel
27 Elizabeth Owen
28 Aubrey Isaiah
29 Aurora Jaxon
30 Lily Anthony
31 Grace Wyatt
32 Hannah Henry
33 Bella Mateo
34 Victoria Levi
35 Paisley Leo
36 Skylar Isaac
37 Camila David
38 Nora Samuel
39 Savannah Ryan
40 Stella Lincoln
41 Natalie Hunter
42 Hazel Nathan
43 Maya Muhammad
44 Nova Dylan
45 Eva Adam
46 Hailey Caleb
47 Addison John
48 Emilia Josiah
49 Elena Joseph
50 Niamey Adrian
51 Brooklyn Ezra
52 Leah Landon
53 Zoe Andrew
54 Aubree Joshua
55 Lucy Asher
56 Aaliyah Eli
57 Audrey Jaxson
58 Violet Thomas
59 Lillian Kayden
60 Willow Jeremiah
61 Claire Christian
62 Sophie Maverick
63 Rylee Connor
64 Ariana Dominic
65 Alice Xavier
66 Kinsley Hudson
67 Nevaeh Aaron
68 Arya Greyson
69 Eleanor Nolan
70 Kennedy Charlie
71 Naomi Carson
72 Quinn Easton
73 Maria Colton
74 Clara Cameron
75 Sarah Christopher
76 Peyton Max
77 Autumn Jordan
78 Madelyn Brayden
79 Everly Bryson
80 Isabelle Roman
81 Athena Ayden
82 Anna Austin
83 Gianna Evan
84 A’Layla Kingston
85 Julia Cooper
86 Gabriella Jace
87 Kaylee Elias
88 Adeline Micah
89 Arianna Jonathan
90 Eliana Ian
91 Serenity Avery
92 Cora Alex
93 Piper Sawyer
94 Valentina Nicholas
95 Adalynn Santiago
96 Caroline Emma
97 Isla Kai
98 Jade King
99 Mackenzie Parker
100 Brielle Luca

There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby. The most important consideration is to choose the one you really love.

picking baby names

Your child will grow into whatever name you pick. So here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding:

  • Sound- will it sound good when you call your child? is it nice to hear? Does it go well with his/her last name?
  • Uniqueness- this is good but possible mispronunciations may subject your child to a lifetime of correcting everyone how to say it.
  • Initials- Gosh!ย If you name your kid Zach Ivan Timothy, just imagine his unfortunate nickname in school! or your little girl’s luggage tag initials are BAD because you named her Brielle Amanda Dizon. Hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Names that age well- You may alsoย imagine your child in a professional situation when picking a name. They are adorable, yes, but Bunny or Cheeky might seem cloying when your child is an adult.


I am currently on the same spot as I was over 2 years ago trying to create a unique but meaningful name for my child. And let me tell you that I always feel the thrill and love when I call my little girl with her full name- Amaria Niszha. Feels like we did a great job naming her then! ๐Ÿ˜€

Quick TRIVIA:ย  Amaria from the Arabic Origin meaning charming, imaginative & impressionable, and “God has said” in Hebrew. And also because I have Maria on my name too!ย Niszha just because my nickname is Nish and her dad’s is Jaze.

baby names

Have fun naming your baby! Hope you choose a great one that they’ll appreciate and love in their lifetime.


Momma Nish

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