We all have these good old high school memories that are always fun to reminisce whenever we meet our former classmates again. And since me and my lovies are having another getaway this September (our Bohol anniversary trip was cancelled last August), I feel it’s timely to list down some silly memories we could recall when we were in high school. 😀


1. Giving code names to teachers. We used this so when the teacher or his fellow teacher suddenly passes by, they wouldn’t have any idea who were you talking about.

2. Going to class earlier to copy assignments from classmates. Typical high school students for sure have done this. Copy from the only one or two classmates (usually the honor students) who did their homeworks at home.

3. During the flag ceremony: Find your friends, not find your height. We would love to fall in line with our close friends during assemblies or flag ceremonies and laugh at random things while singing Lupang Hinirang or reciting the Panatang Makabayan. Yes or no?


4. Teacher: Bring out 1/2 lengthwise paper. Students: Ma’am, crosswise o lengthwise? It’s either we didn’t really hear the complete sentence teacher said, or we automatically just snap and ask questions once we were told to do something? I also don’t know. 😀

5. Teacher: Where is your book? Student: Naiwan ko po sa bahay. Teacher: Bakit? Bahay mo ba ang nag-aaral? I wonder why, but everytime a student lefts something home- pens, notes etc.- teachers usually say that line.

6. Teacher: Long quiz today. Bring out one whole sheet of paper. Number 1! The Whole Class: Ma’am wait lang poooo! Everybody panics! Reasons include: we do not have a pen or a paper and we’d have to ask from our seat mates first; or we totally do not have any idea what this surprise quiz would be all about. Hihi.


Now that we are all professionals, we find time to travel and catch up. We can’t miss a story!

7. Teacher: Any volunteer? Classmates: Ma’am, si Nish po. I admit, I may have been one of the most active students back then. And might possibly be also one of the students their classmates call “sipsip”. 😀 But this memory is just so funny that when the teacher asks for a volunteer, some classmates volunteer others. Haha!

8. When the group’s enemy passes by. “Uy, yung best friend mo oh.” Girls usually tease their group of friends about that one girl they hate then everyone laughs. Then the other will say, “Hindi ah, best friend mo kaya.” Then they will laugh again. 😀 But true as it may be, just like in the Mean Girls movie, when a girl friend doesn’t like that certain girl in your school, all of you must not like her too.

9. Paging Ms. Baldonado, please report to the guidance office right now. The whole class: Laguuuuut… When a classmate or someone we know at school got his attention called at the principal’s or guidance office, we usually think he did something wrong and he’s going to be confronted for it. Everyone gets very curious and when that classmate comes back to the room, we will definitely ask why was he called at the office. Hehe.

10. Teacher: Ok, finished or not finished, pass your papers. The whole class: Wait lang, siiiir! By the time this is announced by the teacher, we were probably still thinking of the possible answer for question #18. Or maybe, we were still waiting for that generous classmate to give us the answer. 😀

High school might have been full of pressure, annoying or awkward, but I believe many would agree with me that it is the happiest and most missable part of one’s life. We were still carefree and figuring out or exploring ourselves. It had surely taugh us a lot of lessons: to participate in the dancing activity, to memorize the Table of Elements, and to make good friends. As for me, my high school friends are and will always be the best. Are yours too? 😀


Happy reminiscing,


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