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What’s Your Plan B in Life?

Life became more uncertain with our experience of the pandemic. As a mom, I became more alert in keeping the family healthy and secure. I don’t know if it is innate to moms like me or if it was just because of the pandemic. There are more ‘what ifs’ running through my head and they seriously […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, Lotion and Bath

The Best Kind of Baby Powder

Summer is in just a few weeks and as the temperatures rise, parents will be looking for ways to keep the little ones cool. Many parents may turn to an old favorite from their own childhood– Baby Powder. However, in recent years, numerous health concerns have risen that placed baby powder in a bad light. […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-Welch's 100% Grape Juice

Be “GRAPE-ful” and Share Welch’s Goodness this October

We are living in a pandemic for more than a year now. Different kinds of bad news keep popping on TV and social media day by day. This can actually cause stress, discomfort, and anxiety. But despite all the negativity, we should strive to stay positive. We must be grateful for what we have right […] Read more…

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Why Shouldn’t We Be Scared of Investments?

Perhaps a lot of professionals, OFWs, and businessmen, with their own families or not, have considered putting some of their hard-earned money into a good investment in the hopes of getting good returns. They thought about it, but years passed and they have not taken steps to pursue it. They haven’t decided yet. They couldn’t. […] Read more…

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Celebrations Made Easy with Breville’s Kitchen Pros

For us Filipinos, it doesn’t take much to continue the festivities as long as we have all our loved ones next to us—that, and a table of hearty meals that we can all enjoy as a family. This was the overall theme during the two-part holiday virtual event that Breville Philippines hosted on December 12 […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-Dream Works-The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants


Monday 30th November 2020 – DreamWorks – NBCUniversal International Networks’ 24-hour channel dedicated to kids and family entertainment – today announces the channel premiere of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. The series is centered around George Beard and Harold Hutchins, two best friends who’ve bonded through their love of pranking, comic books and being the thorns in Principal […] Read more…

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