Life became more uncertain with our experience of the pandemic. As a mom, I
became more alert in keeping the family healthy and secure. I don’t know if it is
innate to moms like me or if it was just because of the pandemic. There are more ‘what ifs’ running through my head and they seriously keep me up at night.

In other words, I became more worried than before. Imagine hearing the news
every day, who wouldn’t, right? Most especially if you have little kids depending
on you for their needs and everything. We all try our best to make sure we give the
best for our families. To live a longer life with them and for them. But seriously though, what if something happens to us?

dyosathemomma-BDO Life-Plan B- life insurance

You know, despite all of these uncertainties, the good thing about life today is that
we know there is always another plan that we can tend to. There are available options for us that can answer our what-ifs.

Life insurance is probably one of the best Plan B for moms like us. It is not about
thinking that bad things could happen in the future but securing and preparing our
family’s future no matter what we might face. As a mom, it makes me less worried. And that is actually priceless. My peace of mind is priceless.

dyosathemomma-BDO Life-Plan B-life insurance

So I think, as a mom of two kids who always finds the best options with the food and stuff they use, that would be the best alternative. Just like rolling down the grocery stores where you check all the labels, we always try to give them the best and what is good for them. Actually, it is definitely more of a perfect and smart strategy in life, since we are uncertain of the things that could happen to us.

dyosathemomma-BDO Life-Plan B-life insurance

If we have a Plan B, our plans and dreams for them won’t vanish even if we do.
We are ready. We have plans for them beyond what we can give now that we are
still with them. And I don’t want to give them any financial burden or problems if I suddenly have to go.

BDO Life offers one of the best Plan Bs in life. As we work day by day to provide for the basic needs of our family — food, shelter, clothing, education, recreation/travel — we can never tell if life will have an unexpected turn. Nobody knows when an accident, sickness or even death will come!

My husband and I got 2 life insurance plans from them—one plan will help fund their college education and pay for other school expenses like projects, books, and supplies even if I am no longer around. It even comes with an Academic Excellence Award if my kids graduate with honors.

The other plan is a Term insurance that is renewable every 5 years. If something
happens to me, it will give my family funds to pay for expenses like utility
bills, loans, and other essentials. I have the option to even convert it to a
permanent plan anytime so that I won’t have to keep renewing it.

Convenient, right?

dyosathemomma-BDO Life-Plan B-life insurance

As a mom fully aware that we don’t know what the future holds, I highly encourage you to visit a BDO Life branch near you and inquire about the good Plan B they provide. You can also go to their website at to learn more about their life insurance solutions. For my family, we already have our Plan B. No matter what happens, we are secure that life will be better for them.


Mommy Nish


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