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Max’s Restaurant Brings Cheer to the Christmas Season with New Pinoy Holiday Favorites

MANILA, Philippines, 25 November 2022 – Max’s Restaurant, the iconic restaurant chain famous for its Sarap-to-the-Bones® Fried Chicken, is celebrating the Christmas season with its new Pinoy holiday offers. It’s that time of the year when parties and reunions are starting to line up. This gives us all the more reason to have festive feasts […] Read more…

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Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread with USA Frozen Blueberries

What’s cool, blue, and available, too? Blueberries from the U.S.A, that’s what! Grab a bag of frozen or canned U.S.A. blueberries as they’re available throughout the year in supermarkets nationwide. Blueberries are delicious, beautiful, healthy, simple, and versatile. Whether you’re cooking, snacking, or pursuing healthy habits, blueberries bring back the pleasure and ease that help […] Read more…

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Celebrations Made Easy with Breville’s Kitchen Pros

For us Filipinos, it doesn’t take much to continue the festivities as long as we have all our loved ones next to us—that, and a table of hearty meals that we can all enjoy as a family. This was the overall theme during the two-part holiday virtual event that Breville Philippines hosted on December 12 […] Read more…

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3 Tips for Busy Moms To Get Food On The Table

Busy parents experience a daily struggle with putting food on the table, would you agree? As a work-at-home mom, my everyday concerns involve not only what food to prepare each day but how to find the time to do it! If you’re looking for some useful and effective tips on how you can easily prepare […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-frozen US Blueberries-blueberry muffins recipe-facts about blueberries

What You Didn’t Know About Blueberries

We know that blueberries are delicious and nutritious. We also know that they are a versatile ingredient. They are perfect for snacking or cooking. I even used them on my on-and-off pursue (more like attempt) of a healthy diet. It is undeniable that blueberries bring pleasure and ease into helping us eat well and enjoy […] Read more…

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Why We Love to Eat Potatoes

We are probably one of the many households here in the Philippines who never miss having potatoes on our meal plan every week. Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a staple food in many homes. Eating potatoes didn’t really matter that much to me before. I enjoy it, I eat it, and that’s it. […] Read more…

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