15-Minute Online Math Lessons For Kids – A lot of us must be desperately searching for ways to keep kids productive and happily occupied during this very difficult time. To be honest, I have exhausted all the art materials, lessons and fun learning activities I can have with my kids!

So for the millions of newly homeschooling parents, and of course, for the bunch of moms and dads stuck at home with their kids, here’s a fantastic educational tool to add to your arsenal!

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If you haven’t ventured to the numbers yet with your toddlers and kids, here’s Smartick!

What is it?

Smartick is an intrinsically different approach to improving a child’s math skills – is offering 15-day free custom online math lessons for school-less children. Kids love this system!

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Your kids will enjoy practicing math at their own pace. The results are automatically emailed to you so you will not have to worry about correcting their work.  It will be the closest thing to having a private math teacher.

Smartick is designed for children 4-14 and the sessions are packaged in 15-minute increments to maximize a child’s attention and engagement.

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Smartick is unlike any other math practice platform out there thanks to its artificial intelligence system. It automatically identifies the level of each child and adapts the exercises of the sessions to their profile and learning speed. It offers content that goes beyond mental calculation and that reinforces logical thinking and reasoning.  Added to that, problem solving can also improve their reading comprehension.

Plus, there’s a fun virtual world where children can spend the ‘ticks’ they earn by completing sessions!

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How do I sign up?

If you want to try these 15-minute online math lessons for kids
Simply sign up for a free two week trial at https://www.smartickmethod.com/.
Kids can access their profile from a PC or tablet anywhere, anytime!
Honestly, this is something I would like to explore with my little Amaria. Especially now that we have more time due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Perfect because she’s almost turning 4! I am excited to see her level of comprehension and interest with numbers!


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Hoping you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy always. Let me know if you have tried Smartick with your kids!
Momma Nish


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  1. Interesting to Mommy Nish ,Me myself masasabi ko na ito talaga kahinaan ko sa mga subjects eh…i dont know why 😔 even if i exert too much effort to learn 😅 thats why gusto ko sana mas maging masipag mga kids ko at magfocus din talaga sa math .Nice knowing this mommy Thanks for sharing.Will surely check this 👍

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