Mommies like us always find the healthiest food for our family. We try our best to serve what is best, especially now that different viruses seem to regularly emerge. Consuming nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and daily exercise is a must to keep our body strong and give it a fighting chance against diseases.

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits
One of the healthiest fruits available is sweet cherries. Oh, how I love them! Too bad they are not locally grown in our country, but we sure can enjoy them from June to August when U.S. Northwest Cherries are shipped to our shores!

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits

Sweet cherries, like the Skylar Rae, are gorgeous! Honestly, they are delicious! What’s more interesting is that sweet cherries are also full of vitamins, minerals, and compounds that provide powerful health benefits.

1. It is packed with nutrients rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, so it
can actually help heal wounds faster.
2. It may improve the quality of your sleep because of its natural melatonin content. Thus,
helping you get your much-needed rest.
3. It can help with cognitive function, helping to improve memory in older adults with mild
to moderate dementia.
4. It’s a fantastic dessert alternative and healthy snack, with less than 100 calories for a 21- piece serving
5. It may also help lower the uric acid levels in the blood, so goodbye gout!

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits-dessert

dyosathemomma-US Northwest Cherries-Health benefits

U.S. Northwest Cherries are available in stores or you can order from online fruit sellers too! Better hurry and get your sweet cherries today. U.S. Northwest Cherries season is almost over!

Check them out on Facebook or their website to know more and where to order them!

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  1. True mommy Nish. We want the best and healthy food for our family especially now na madaming sakit na kumakalat sa ating bansa.. And good to know na sweet berries is one of the healthy fruits that good for us. 😊

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