I could not believe myself as I was reading the e-mail informing me that http://www.dyosathemomma.com has been featured as one of the Top Mom Blogs 2018!

Top Mom Blogs 2018
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Sharing on this blog post my blogging journey for my readers could get to know me a little better. <3

Writing has always been my passion. I always have a pen and paper with me for I need to jot down thoughts whenever they pop out of my head. And after finishing school, I missed all the write-ups, the Editor-In-Chief task of copy-reading my staff’s articles, drafting and lay outing, and all the deadlines to meet for the student publication. Thank God there was this thing called blogging that served as my outlet for the unstoppable desire to write.

dyosathemomma-college-editor-in-chiefdyosathemomma: college editor-in-chief

[caption id="attachment_9067" align="alignnone" width="4569"]dyosathemomma: college editor-in-chief My editorial writeup below the College Executive Officer’s <3

I started blogging with WordPress 3 years ago (due to the insistent push of my then boyfriend, daddy Jaze) with the sole purpose of preserving my thoughts, travels and life experiences. Writing at thenΒ http://www.dyosathemomma.wordpress.com was so relaxing and satisfying.

My blog has particularly become more active since I got pregnant and gave birth to Amaria Niszha, therefore making me a mommy blogger”.

Close friends who tolerate my conceitedness suggested I rename the blog to dyosathemommaΒ and seize my nickname dyosa. At pinanindigan ko nga! But honestly, when I’m being asked “Where do you blog?” Di pa ako ganun ka-confident to say “dyosathemomma.com” Nahihiya pa ako, guys! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

More readers have been engaging with me and my Instagram followers even increased dramatically! I was advised to create my Facebook Fanpage to separate my blog related posts from my personal life.

My stats may not be as high as the others’ but I have been personally amazed of how huge it has developed in a span of only 1 year!Β Updating my blog site regularly really does consume much of my time (I blog when I’m suppose to iron my husband’s polos!)Β but being acknowledged like this for my efforts is truly rewarding. Made me more excited on redesigning and relaunching my new blog for 2018! Should I change my blog name? I need your suggestions! πŸ˜€

As this may not mean anything at all to most, I am grateful for being recognized internationally. My blog site being posted alongside other inspiring mommy bloggers makes me realize that I must have been writing something on my blog that serves as help, lesson, entertainment or inspiration to others- especially to first time moms just like me.Β And I am honestly still in awe with the question, madami namang iba, bakit ako?

My dear readers, thanks so much for continuously reading my blogs! You are the reason bakit lalo ako sumisipag mag-update, trying to keep you all posted with latest motherhood happenings and tips with Ysha and I’s personal experiences.

And of course, thank you to Movie Hustle for recognizing me as one of the Top Mom Blogs. Go check them out! πŸ™‚

dyosathemomma: top mommy blogger 2018

I am always happy to be doing what I enjoy and love to do. Nurturing my daughter 24/7, supporting my husband on our machining company as the HR Manager, and blogging for pleasure at dyosathemomma.com. So follow your heart! Go ahead and start doing what makes you happy if you aren’t yet!


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