Millennial Moms PH has introduced me to more moms to make friends with and more products to try out at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜€ On our FREE Meal Planning & Budgeting Talk at The Parenting Emporium last November, all the attendees were given a well-wrapped gift of bread, spread and sandwiches fromย Gardenia Bakeries Philippines– the countryโ€™s top player in the bread industry!

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Thank you sooo much, Gardenia! <3

I have honestly been a very loyal consumer of Gardenia, like I never miss to get a pack whenever we do the grocery. And of course you wouldn’t wonder why. Masarap kahit walang palaman! ๐Ÿ˜€

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
The message on the card talked straight to me! Hahaha!

But as it launched itsย Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, which I first got to try from the loot at the said Millennial Moms PH event,ย it definitely goes well with the bread!

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

This is everything I like on a spread! Smooth, creamy and with just the right amount of sweetness. And it’s a plus factor that it has no artificial colors or preservatives. I wasn’t even surprised anymore for it was a Gardeniaโ€™s product. My daughter Ysha and I consumed the 200g spread in less than a week! And she would always say, “Hmm… Delicious!” everytime she bites from her bread. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Christmas came early to the mom attendees of the Meal Planning and Budgeting Talk held recently as @gardeniaph introduced their new product, Gardenia Delicia. #DeliciaPh is a #delightfullydelicious chocolate spread that is the perfect match to our favorite Gardenia bread. Moms were given 2 giftpacks: a boxful of Gardenia bread and a full size Gardenia Delicia spread and another box of Gardenia Pocket Sandwich. Thanks so much to @gardeniaph and for Gardenia Delicia for supporting our event and making our moms very happy! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ . . . #momfind #momapproved #mealplanning #budgeting #hazelnutspread #bread #gardeniaph #gardeniadelicia #momtribe #momtribeph #millennialmoms #millennialmomsph

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This Delicia Chocolate Spread is sure to hit the top of the Philippine market as it’s stamped with the superior Gardenia quality which Filipinos have loved throughout the years. The addition of Delicia in their product portfolio marks a milestone in the companyโ€™s growth and expansion into relevant consumer markets.

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Pocket Sandwichdyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Pocket Sandwich

Another box of Gardenia goodies we get to try was their Pocket Sandwich! And my! The bread is sooo soft! The filling was sooo tasty!

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Pocket Sandwich

This is a great everydayย pambaon to our kids for school especially for the ones who are always on a rush. A juice and a fruit and it’s good to go!

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Pocket Sandwich
Still can’t believe I ate 2 of it for meryenda while working! ๐Ÿ˜€

Competitively priced, tasty and of high quality– these are the top qualities we moms always look for on a food product and are all checked with Gardenia.

In the Philippines, Gardenia holds more than 60% market share in the packaged bread category with its reputation in superior product quality, advanced bread-making technology, and extensive system of distribution covering the biggest supermarkets and convenience stores down to the small sari-sari stores both in Metro Manila and provincial areas. This current wide distribution coverage of Gardenia provides a fast and efficient way to introduce new products to the market. And Gardenia promises to supply the Filipino consumers these #delightfullydelicious chocolate spreads nearer to our doorsteps.

dyosathemomma: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

We are always very grateful for all the Millennial Moms PH sponsors who continue to support our passion and advocacy of helping other moms. More power to these entrepreneurs who are very generous on sharing their products for the moms like me to try out.

Have you tried Gardenia’s Delicia Spread and Pocket Sandwich? What are your thoughts about their new product line? I’d love to know if you also enjoy Gardenia! <3


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