Women put on make up to enhance their natural beauty and therefore be more physically alluring. That, for me, is the top reason. But whatever our reasons might be, what matters is that we feel more confident & happy beautifying ourselves.


Finding the right tone of foundation for my skin

For women here in the Philippines, we typically put on good makeup on occasions. That is, of course, to make us look more presentable. Who doesn’t like to look great on photos? They’re memories of a special event and you wouldn’t like to be the laugh stuff on a #throwbackthursday, would you?



Putting on 3kg of foundation on my eye bags 😀

I recently had a very important event myself, the baptism of my little angel. It’s a shame but I have to admit, I am not good in doing my own makeup. I usually put on lip & cheek tint and loose powder to make me look fresh and prepping my face on important celebrations really is a struggle for me.

It’s a good thing RVR Artistry Faces was to the rescue!


Professional makeup artist, Jarn Roxas, blending the layers well for a natural look

This young artist is an angel! Easy to deal with, knows what look best fits you, and most importantly, she & her stuffs are well sanitised! I don’t know about you guys but hygiene is very important to me.


Jarn’s make up process is meticulous enough to care for my skin. After cleansing my face, she puts on moisturizer first before applying a foundation that’s perfect for my skin tone.

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Do you know your skin tone?


Asking a lot of make up related questions, grabbing the opportunity to learn!


Jarn started doing my eyebrows. They are naturally thick and I never touch them when I do my own face but surprisingly, Jarn made them look fuller and lively.


Then she started doing the magic to me eyes!


Unlike me, Jarn has always had the interest on exploring with makeup that she actually enrolled herself to a makeup school to enhance her talent further. I bet she learned a lot given her passion to art.

“When all of my classmates wanted to be stage performers for our theater play, I was hoping I could get the stylist post” she even told me. And because it was her calling, she was the happiest when she got what she wished for during her college days.

Colors! She used on me the 2 brown shades on the right photo


Her 1yr old Coreen & my 6-month old Niszha playing during our makeup session 😀





Of course, the eye enhancement wouldn’t be complete with these two!

For me, the complication of trying to be prettier with the use of makeup begins when I start to put on the eyeshadow. It’s a complete struggle and a total disaster!


Getting on the fresh, everyday look

The blush on & lipstick shade used on me





I specially loved how she made my eyes so alive with just a simple makeup


She sprayed this on the finished face to hold the makeup longer despite sweat or wiping

Jarn Roxas does make up for some ABS-CBN artists. If you’d like to book her service for whatever occasion you have, here are where you’ll find her:

Facebook page & Instagram: RVR Artistry Faces
What the studio make up organizer looked like after the session
I totally had fun!
And I think, so did Niszha! 😀
Women primarily use makeup to feel good about their selves. I know for a fact that I, for one, look more pleasant & attractive with a help of little enhancement on my face.


But let no one define you, the clothes you wear or the makeup on your face. Always be confident because the real beauty is how you carry yourself, with or without makeup.




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