I could say that my day was productively busy if I go get my phone and order food online! Lakas maka-millennial! But really, isn’t this what most of us do these days? Order things online?

No wonder food delivery apps are now on average in the top 30 most downloaded apps in major markets! Time-starved and convenience-seeking consumers- yes, again led by millennials- are showing a growing appetite for having food delivered at home.

dyosathemomma: McDelivery-Cheeseburger Meal

Mcdonald’s has undoubtedly been my no. 1 go-to for emergency food, be it drive-thru or delivery. Would you believe my daughter Ysha knows how to order french fries and cheeseburger at 1 and a half year old?! 😀

I recently gave birth to my second child and now that there are two of them that needs my attention and there’s the family business we need to run at the same time, there are days when I didn’t even notice wala pa pala kaming dinner!

So when I saw the Mcdelivery video for the first time- Gosh! Kami ba ni daddy Jaze yun?! Hahaha! There was seriously one night that we had to put the girls to sleep and we both felt the craving for Mcdo’s cheeseburger and fries (which is what I always get and even my friends know that. :D)

dyosathemomma: McDelivery-Cheeseburger Meal

So yeah, we ordered online and when I was about to do my first bite, ate Ysha, who probably smelled the inviting aroma of the beef patty, woke up and said, “Wow! Cheeseburger and fries! Can I have some, mama?” Like she didn’t wake up from sleep at all! We just made a quiet laugh so as not to wake the newborn up too, then enjoyed the meal together. <3

But McDelivery really saved the day for the craving parentals!

Checkout that video below if you haven’t seen it yet and you might relate to it too!

The cost of restaurant food delivery is usually low enough to make it an easy decision for consumers like us to decide not to cook and just order especially if time is of the essence. Yes, Time and Convenience are key deciding factors in the increased food delivery demands. And ordering food via McDelivery is just so easy and convenient so why not?

dyosathemomma: McDelivery-food delivery app

Simply visit McDelivery to order online. Like their Facebook Page and follow their Instagram to stay updated!

Pap-parap-pap-pa… Love ko ‘to!


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  1. McDelivery? You have got to be kidding? Glad to know about that! I’m looking at some of the mommy blogs. Love the clean layout of your blog. I’ve been blogging for many years and I am so impressed with what the young moms are doing. Some of us old-schoolers need to pay attention to what you ladies have going on with your sites. Good pics, content good, but not overwhelming. Cool stuff.

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