Thinking now where technology has taken us: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, checking emails or navigating our way home- all on a device small enough to fit in a pocket? It has allowed us to do all these things and more and is continuously improving at such an incredible pace! But do you notice, the batteries that power our smartphones haven’t changed much? Gosh! My phone’s batt always gets drained so fast!

If you find your phone battery often dying on you before the end of the day (just like mine), you should buy a portable charger to keep it pumped up with battery while you’re on the go. The demands of high-speed data, large colorful screens, and we wanting them thin & light? Oh, that mean we’ll be keeping a nervous eye on the battery icon every now and then! 😀

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

My family and I love to travel! And staying within easy reach of a power socket rather defeats the purpose of traveling. But fortunately, technology has also made a way of keeping our gadgets charged up for a day or two while still being able to explore beyond the confines of our hotel room.

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

Portable chargers or what we so-call POWER BANKS are such handy little gadgets, they can be useful for so many different reasons. Whether its constantly travelling, and needing to recharge devices on the run. I swear, my iPhone battery won’t last even half the day when I am on events! With my internet data turned on and me taking photos/videos and posting updates on my social media accounts? Its battery would be on 20% in less than 4 hours!

It’s great that I have my VEGER Powerbank with me whenever I leave the house. Saves my day every time!

Been using this powerbank brand for more than 3 years now!

Just look how handy and lightweight it is! <3

Whether you’re looking for a high capacity battery, slim design, lots of ports or something that can charge up both your phone and your iPad/tablet at the same time, VEGER has got you covered!

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway
Veger VP-1015 10,000mAh Powerbank

Good news!

Dyosa the Momma and VEGER Power Philippines bring you a month-long giveaway of Veger Powerbanks!

Veger Powerbank VP-1015 is a slim cable battery powerbank housing 10,000 mAh – enough to give your gadgets extra juice on the go, without compromising on size and weight. Fully charges my iPhone 6 up to 3-4 times!

  • Micro USB Input: 5V – 2A
  • Output 1: 5V – 1A
  • Capacity: 10000mAh / 37Wh
  • Lightning Input: 5V – 1.5A
  • Output 2: 5V – 2A

Available in Gold, Rose Gold and Dark Grey. Check out this unit here for more details.

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

Take note, this powerbank can be recharged via iPhone/android cable!

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveawayDSCF3631

Now, by simply following the instructions below, you’ll get a chance to win one of the three high quality Veger VP-1015 10,000 mAh Powerbanks!

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

Click here to join my Facebook giveaway!

Winners shall be announced on May 7, Monday.

Battery life has thus become the new benchmark for phone performance. But if a phone doesn’t offer what you need out the box or its battery degrades over time, a power bank can help you get what you need.

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveawaydyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

Power banks come in different sizes, shapes and power ratings. It may be confusing for consumers but remember, not all power banks are created equal. Whatever its stated capacity, remember that not all of that juice is available for charging. The typical energy efficiency is between 60- and 70 percent.

TIP: If you’re wanting to take a power bank on a plane, know that the maximum capacity you can take in hand luggage is 100W, or around 27,000mAh.

dyosathemomma: Veger Powerbank Philippines review and giveaway

You may order your VEGER Powerbank from Lazada, just click here!

Join the giveaway now! I would love for you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying of your phone battery dying out on you!


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26 Comments on Millennials! Who Does Not Need A Powerbank?

  1. nice review. yes super part na of travel essential ang powerbank esp sa mama na kagaya ko panay pics ng kiddos sa labas. Join po ako pls:)

    • Agree mommy! Ako din e guilty being an active mommy photographer. Hehe. Hope you’ve already joined the giveaway and you’ll get a chance to win your own Veger Powerbank! 🙂

  2. WoW Thanks for sharing..
    Indeed a great use esp. For Mom’s on the go like me.
    – selfie Mom
    – capture every kids milestones
    – great solution for my teener who always have a lowbat cp.
    Veger Power banks To the rescue…

  3. Wow!!! 10,000 mAh!! <3 Been wanting to have a powerbank this high! Such powerbank will surely save a student like me that is in school for more than 12 hours <3

  4. Loving this article. True it is!!! Worry no more for fast drained battery phones POWERBANKS are here. Useful in every aspects especially from to time to time the need to checks emails when ur away from office. Taking pictures using phones while on a vacay. Be remote on a place where theres no electricity. Thank you so much@dyosathemomma. I also joined the contest. HEHE Godspeed!

  5. Loving this article so much! True it is powerbanks are very useful now a days. Worry no more for those phones with like a flash drained batteries. Useful in every aspects especially if you are on a techy side checking emails from time to time, love to travel and siempre love to take pictures. And also if ever loacated in a remote places where electricity is not so good powerbanks are our savior. hehe I also joined the contest Thank youuu @dyosathemomma! God bless you!

    • Could not agree more! I am such a photo addict myself and I also do work on-the-go so phone battery is life talaga! Hahaha! Thanks for joining the giveaway. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I am a single mom to two beautiful twins. I love capturing every moment I have with them using my phone. Most of the time, my phone ran out of battery due to unlimited shots I do. 😁 I tried using powerbank before but did not go along way coz my twin babies throw it before. (So sad) Haha. I hope I could get one for me and my twins. God bless sis! 💕💕💕

  7. Thank you for your review, i read ot and it is awesome to use where ever i go.

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