New Bonding Activity With Kids This Christmas Season – What’s your bonding activity with your kids this holiday season? Do you have a family tradition during the holidays? Or do you plan on trying something new?

Well, we did!

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

My 3-year-old Amaria and I created our first-ever Gingerbread House! I can’t begin to explain the fun we had building and decorating our gingerbread house together. We did get frustrated at first because I am not a mom baker and we had to figure out how to make the thing stand by itself and not fall apart. And when we did get pass through that, the decorating bit was the most exciting part!

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

And what did we design our gingerbread house with? Some chocolate-coated sunflower seeds, sprinkles, and ICED GEMS!

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas SeasonBonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

Yes! The old school sweets most of us grew up indulging with has been a perfect accent to our gingerbread house! Look how it turned out.

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

You may watch our video here:

Did you know?

Like many inventions, Iced Gem was an accidental discovery as the biscuits shrunk and came out smaller than their intended size during experimentation. The makers started selling them as Gems and subsequently added the icing bit in 1910 and as they say, there was no turning back. These colorful biscuits has been the Jubilee Gift for babies. And this is how the cute snacks started.

dyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-Gingerbread House-AmariaNish

dyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-Gingerbread House-AmariaNish

It is interesting to see how different people from all corners of the world identify with these little biscuits and have evolved many creative ways on how to consume it! Like using it to decorate a gingerbread house for example. πŸ˜€

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

I remember asking my mom to buy, ”the little biscuits with colorful icing on top”, because I can’t read yet and that’s how I asked her to get them for me. Hahaha!

Now, fast forward to 2019, almost Christmas Season, and I am having a very creative and enjoyable bonding time with my firstborn daughter over an Iced Gem Biscuits decoration. <3

Bonding Activities With Kids This Christmas Season

Like mother, like daughter!

It’s no surprise my daughter loves it too! Seriously, #funineverybite. She enjoys it while doing her artwork, just like what I did when I was her age. Only difference is, she knows what it’s called! Hahaha!

dyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-art activity-AmariaNiszhadyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-Gingerbread House-AmariaNishdyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-art activity-AmariaNiszha

You will be surprised that just like me, there are many people who have fond childhood memories of eating Iced Gem Biscuits and even has different methods of eating them. Some eat the biscuits first and save the icing to savour at the end. While others would bite off the icing first and throw away most of the biscuits (my brother!). But most of us just chomp the whole thing down, perhaps even several at a time!

Iced Gems have clearly become a part of our social history, triggering off precious childhood memories every time someone comes across these biscuits. Like many icons, they have been turned into art, decorative items and have made bonding experience more fun and exciting for parents and their kids especially this holiday season, just like us!

dyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-art activity-AmariaNiszha

Try out and enjoy the delicious, fun products of Iced Gem Biscuit wherever you may be during the holiday festivities and Christmas season. You may Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram for updates and more details.

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dyosathemomma-Iced Gem Biscuits-Gingerbread House-AmariaNish

Whichever bonding activity interests you and your kids this holiday season, what’s important is that you both will enjoy it and make the most of the time you spend together this Christmas season.


Momma Nish


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  1. love this bonding. eto gusto ng mga bagets rin ehπŸ’œπŸ‘Œ ..ilang beses pinanood ng twins ko gawa rin daw kami nyan. hihi ..ppost ko sa ig pag nakagawa narin po kmi ..πŸ’—πŸ˜

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