Graduation time is coming! All the assignments, exams and theses are over. But do you realize that your real life challenge has just begun? Now, have you asked yourself if you’re ready to be a member ofΒ the corporate world? Do you plan to work right after graduation? Are you thinking of getting a Master’s degree? Or you totally still have no idea what would you do after you march and get your diploma?

Being a graduate of AB Communication just last 2014, I feel like I know how you guys who are about to graduate are feeling right now. Excited, tensed, troubled, or clueless. Competition now on the professional field is tight. You have to fake it till you make it. Or else, they will eat you alive.

I have listed 3 simple things to do or think about after graduation…

1.) Don’t waste time! Apply for a job AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It’s time you repay your parents! There’s no sense in resting! I have heard a lot of graduating students saying they willΒ relax first because they have been studying all their lives, that is bull%$#*! πŸ˜€ There are millions of new graduates each year. The time you are ready to work might be too late to get the position you really desire because someone who didn’t rest after graduation already took it.

2.) Create an impressive resume and be ready for your job interview.Β Gather together all of the skills youΒ got from class and put 3 strong references. Make your curriculum vitae as exciting and as creative as possible. Look and be smart on your job interview. Remember to research about the company and answer every question with something that soundsΒ “I will be an asset to your company”. The recruitment people should be impressed. It doesn’t matter what school you graduated from, when you have good skills and talents listed on your resume, and you appear very confident in carrying yourself during the interview, you will make it to the position you are applying for.

3.) Set goals. Because you have to. Do you aim to be on the top management after 5 years? Do you want to own a house or a car in 10 years? You will have whatever you want to achieve if you work hard to reach that goal. All your plans and decisions should always be towards that specific goal. And take note, thou shall set specific goals. In whatever you do, always follow your passion and what you really desire.

It wouldn’t be easy so you have to prepare. In your endless years of schooling, you got only about 30% of learnings that will help you on your job, the 70% is learned once you are there, hands on, failing and doing mistakes over and over again until you learn everything and finally do them with no sweat.

The corporate world is a scary, crowded jungle with no place for losers. Start trying to act professionally because your delayed projects and tardiness to class will no longer be accepted. Do not fear to learn. Make friends. Enjoy life.

Congratulations, Graduates of Class 2015! Welcome to the real world! πŸ˜€



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