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dyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor, AmNiszhaGirl

World Citi Med Has The First Play School-Themed Pediatric Department In the PH!

We have honestly never been to a hospital as creative and kid-friendly as World Citi Medical Center! Ysha & I were invited to witness the Launch of World Citi Med’s Pediatric Floor last May 23 and we are so honored to see first-hand the joy-filled Pedia floor and to also know what the department could […] Read more…

dyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launch

World Citi Med Will Be Launching Its Pediatrics Floor!

From the tradition of an excellent healthcare provider and unmatched hospitality, World Citi Medical Center dedicates itself in providing holistic healthcare and wellness services to its patients. Rated as a tertiary hospital with 150-bed capacity and ISO Certifications for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Health and Safety Management making World Citi Med one […] Read more…

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