dyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launch

From the tradition of an excellent healthcare provider and unmatched hospitality, World Citi Medical Center dedicates itself in providing holistic healthcare and wellness services to its patients.

Rated as a tertiary hospital with 150-bed capacity and ISO Certifications for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Health and Safety Management making World Citi Med one of the leading healthcare providers in the country for preventive, curative, and rehabilitative processes that are essential in maintaining one’s physical, emotional, and psychological welfare.

dyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launch

On the 23rd of May, World Citi Med will be launching their Pediatrics Floor and I am excited to ind out what they could offer!

I heard they render quality holistic health care to our pediatric patients through continuing medical education and the practice of evidence-based medicine.
To be a world-recognized holistic Pediatric health care provider
To produce a proficiently-skilled, committed and compassionate Pediatricians fully-equipped with learning, training & research in the field of Pediatrics


W – World class
C – Competent
M – Morally-Upright
C – Committed Pediatricians
The Department of Pediatrics has:
17 General Pediatricians
11 Sub Specialists in the following fields of discipline

a) Cardiology
b) Allergology
c) Intensive Care
d) Neonatology
e) Toxicology
f) Pulmonology
g) Neurology
h) Infectious Disease
i) Developmental
j) Hematology – Oncology
k) Nephrology
9 Pediatric Residents with training on Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)
Complete with Therapeutics and Infection Control Committee


DSC_6902.JPGdyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launch

I am really excited to visit this hospital with Ysha and find out what they could offer in terms of NICU, In-Patient Pediatric Ward, Emergency Room, Out-Patient Department and even its Intensive Care Unit! These facilities are very important to parents and of course their kids who need medical attention.


dyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launchdyosathemomma: World Citi Med Pediatrics Floor Launch


I know you are as interested as I am! I will be sharing more details after the launch so stay tuned!

Here are the CLINICAL DEPARTMENTS of World Citi Med:

  1. Internal Medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Ophthalmology
  6. E.N.T.
  7. Radiology
  8. Anesthesia
  9. Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy
  10. Dentistry and Oral Surgery
  11. Laboratory
  12. Emergency


  1. Radiology
  2. Pathology and Clinical Laboratory
  3. Dietary
  4. Pharmacy


  1. Cardiovascular
  2. Women’s Wellness
  3. Urology
  4. Physical and Rehabilitation
  5. Dialysis
  6. Hearing
  7. Pulmonary

World Citi Medical Center also offers wide array of diagnostic procedures like pulmonary, cardiovascular, laboratory, ultrasound, CT scan, mammography, and radiology tests. In addition, packages for executive check-up, maternity, and other medical procedures are also available.

For more details you may inquire through these contacts:

Momma Nish
dyosathemomma, mommy bloggers ph

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