It’s been a long while since we’ve gone out with the kids. COVID-19 has seriously made traveling with the whole fam such a struggle!

Imagine everyone’s delight when we learned about UCM Adventure Park in San Mateo, Rizal! A relaxing, breath-taking nature view we all missed, just 30 minutes from the metro! And yes, KIDS ARE ALLOWED! Ages 5-65 years old can come and enjoy the mountain top! Fresh air, majestic view, cool activities, yummy food!



Catching up with my lovely friends Mica and Shine, Ysha and Yana’s godmothers. <3

Our hubs enjoying the view and the catching up sesh!

Wanna experience the great outdoors with the whole family? UCM Adventure Park camping sites, ATV rentals, and horseback riding activities. They even serve a variety of mouth-watering food and drinks!

No filter needed on Momcy’s unli photos every where in the park! 😀

Visiting UCM Adventure Park was the relaxing break my kids and I needed! An amazing change of scenery away from home which is conveniently situated on the hilly side of San Mateo, giving you panoramic views of the bustling urban cities nearby. The sunset view is majestic! We’re definitely booking an overnight experience in their tents to see the wonderful sunrise too! This place is clean and well-maintained. Here’s what you can do at UCM Adventure Park:

Day Visit and Camping Activities

Yup! For couples,  families, or groups of friends looking forward to taking a breather, UCM Adventure Park has a camping site that offers tent rentals with an affordable rate that starts at P1,000 for 4 pax! But for adventurous ones, you can even bring your own tent! They also have a camper trailer for P6,000/night which’s good for two. Ugh! Imagine sleeping with a view of Metro Manila!

dyosathemomma-UCM-Adventure-Park-camping tent

It might look small but the camper trailer has everything you need for a day or two. Inside, it has a queen-size bed where couples can cuddle up with aircon and television! You can even cook your breakfast on its mini-kitchen complete with a stove, rice cooker, sink, and utensils.

They do have Nipa Hut rentals too starting at P600 for 4 pax and 4 hours. The BIG HUT is for P1,000 only which is for 8 pax and 4 hours as well.

Photo from UCM Adventure park Facebook Page

Horseback Riding

The kids definitely enjoyed the horseback riding activity inside a bull ring! Now, we don’t need to go up to Baguio City anymore to do this! Starting at P500 per person, you can enjoy this activity for 15 mins.

With my family! The kids each had their turn to ride Primo. 🙂

dyosathemomma-UCM-Adventure-Park-horseback ridingThe kids’ happiness and enjoyment is something I wouldn’t trade for! Grabe yung saya nila! And I was the happiest seeing them having so much to be out again, enjoying nature and fun horseback riding. Now, go get traditional and let your equestrian skills be put to the test!

dyosathemomma-UCM-Adventure-Park-horse feeding
You can also feed them! Grass bundle is P200.

Watch our vlog to see more of this awesome place! The perfect venue for friends and family to catch up any day of the week!

ATV Ride

We were not able to try out the ATV Adventure but we’ll surely be back for this! Can’t wait to experience the thrill of driving along the park’s muddy terrains!

Photo from UCM Adventure Park Facebook Page

The FUN TRAIL starts at P1,500 per hour and per person. Leveling up a bit with EXPERIENCE TRAIL is at P2,500 for 2 hours. If you’re experienced enough, you can opt for their 3-hour ride or adventure trail at P3,500 per person.

Experience thrill and adventure while enjoying a breath-taking mountain view – Corterra Eco Reserve – Trekking to pine trees.

Food and Drinks

Now let’s talk about their food! To fill up your stomachs, get ready for their scrumptious Filipino meals at their al fresco restaurant or your own Nipa Hut! And let’s not forget their fresh juices ‘coz I drank 3 glasses of them!

Photo from UCM Adventure Park Facebook Page
Photo from UCM Adventure Park Facebook Page

I think we were able to try all their available food on the menu and I must say they were all good! The kids enjoyed the SPAM Fries while running around the park and the Bam-i Noodles too! This is a must-try! My special faves are the Buttered Chicken and the Sizzling Gambas. Ugh! Writing about them now makes me wanna go back to the park! Prices are reasonable and serving is for a king!dyosathemomma-UCM-Adventure-Park

It’s no question how, in many ways, UCM Adventure Park is indeed a must-visit attraction that will satisfy tourists of many kinds and different ages! Their camping sites and activities give us a relaxing and fun way to enjoy nature, away from our day-to-day worries, and most of all, with a glorious view. It was an amazing day with family and friends. We’ll definitely be back!


Go and book your visit! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram and inquire for your family’s outdoor adventure now!
Address: Old Army Road, Brgy. Silangan, San Mateo 1850, Rizal
Mobile: 0917 500 1122



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