Red inflamed patches and small white bumps started showing up on both my legs and arms 3 months after giving birth to Ysha. The derma said it’s called skin asthmaΒ which there is not really a known cause and certain cure for! She literally just told me to live with it and just apply lotion daily to keep it moisturized.
So, being really bothered and annoyed that my legs and arms weren’t as smooth as they were, all I could do was apply the derma’s prescribed moisturizer that costs a fortune and didn’t even reduce the appearance of the pink/light brown patches and the bumpy feel of the white spots where hair couldn’t come out!
I could literally say “Thank heavens for COCOLINE Naturals!”
I had the chance to try out a bottle of their lotion on one Millennial Moms PH event. This is absolutely one of the many reasons why I just really couldn’t miss a single event of this mom community, the sponsors’ products have really been heaven-sent to moms like me!
dyosathemomma: COCOLINE Naturals product review
After less than a week of using the Intense Moisturizing Lotion, the annoying bumps on my arms and legs have noticeably flattened out! Not kidding, I swear it’s the only thing that worked out for my skin asthma! What amazes me more about this product is that it’s only P238 for the 340mL bottle that’s good for about 2 months even if you do apply a generous amount 2-3 times daily, like I do.
dyosathemomma: COCOLINE Naturals product review
dyosathemomma: COCOLINE Naturals product review
Could wear shorts again ‘coz the marks aren’t disgusting anymore! Keber sa pata! πŸ˜€

Internationally renowned scientists hail coconut as the β€œMiracle Fruit” due to its 300+ unmatched virtues it can provide the body in several aspects: Protect, Repairing, Heal, Care and Beautify.

COCOLINE Naturals products are all Virgin Coconut Oil based, mixed with meticulously chosen ingredients to delight the Modern Woman.

I wouldn’t doubt the power of coconut on these delicately crafted products for theirΒ efficacy has been tested by SGS Laboratories (no less than the world’s leading testing & verification company!) and has proven that COCOLINE Naturals are up to 99.99% Anti-Bacterial, and 98.77% Anti-Fungal.Β All their products are also certified Paraben-Free!
Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.24.50 PM.png
You’d surely be delighted not only for the remarkable skin-health benefits, but they also give your senses the well-deserved satisfaction:
  • Smell – Pleasantly Light and Fresh Scent that lingers long during the day
    (minus the usual heavy and musky scent of traditionally packed coconut oil. Millennials do not want that!)
  • Touch & Feel – Non-Sticky. Non-Greasy. Smooth and Gentle to feel.
  • Look – Non-Shiny. Non-Oily Look on the skin for the β€œfresh all-day” appeal


dyosathemomma: COCOLINE Naturals product review
I don’t really have a white complexion but what’s important for me is smooth ang balat ko! So skin asthma, please lang wag ka ng babalik! Hahaha!

I have been provided a true Health and Beauty alternative in personal care that delights my modern consumer demands through Sight, Smell, and Feel. What’s even more surprising is that the lotion also works great for my husband and my 1 year old daughter’s skins that both has atopic dermatitis! I swear by this product and if you’re experiencing skin dryness or other skin issues, you really have to go try this one out!

dyosathemomma: COCOLINE Naturals product review

COCOLINE Naturals captures the amazing skin care benefits from the world’s best source of Virgin Coconut Oil. Let’s support our local Coconut Farmers! COCOLINE Naturals is now being distributed nationwide and available in most leading stores! Like them on Facebook for updates!

Do you have skin asthma like me? What products do you use and do they work great on you? I’d love to know!


Momma Nish


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