There are many reasons why people blog. I blogged in 2014 because I wanted to share my personal thoughts and experiences as a college student out of the usual institutional stuff I have been writing for the school publication being the Editor-in-Chief. Now, I blog to keep record of my motherhood milestones and share my first hand experiences as a hands-on mom to two lovely girls.

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In this blogosphere where everyone blogs and puts up a lot of information in the internet however they wish, it is such an honor to be acknowledged and to stand out among the sea of dedicated people who shares about parenting, family, and motherhood in the country.

I am so honored that has been mentioned as #17 on the Top 30 Parenting Blogs in the Philippines as listed by Feedspot- the content reader for all your favorite websites in one place.

Check out the list here >>

It was so overwhelming to be on the same list with these respected bloggers and influencers who write and post articles about parenting that educate, inspire, and empower readers with updated and high-quality information.

I know I have yet to prove my worth in this field as I am a young mom and new to mommy blogging, but your support drives me to work gracefully on being a better version of myself everyday. <3

dyosathemomma: Top Parenting blogs in the Philippines, mommy blogger ph
My family. <3

To everyone who follows me on my social media accounts, to everyone who has clicked the links I share on my Instagram and Facebook Page, to everyone who unselfishly hits the like or share button whenever they feel that what I wrote was relevant and informative, to everyone who posts their comments of compliment and suggestions, please know that bloggers like me sincerely appreciate your time. Your support is what keeps us pushing to write and share more informative, fresh catch for everyone to know.

Thank you! My heart is so full. Maraming salamat at sana po di kayo magsawa. <3

As this may not mean anything to somebody else, to me this means I am on the right path and I am doing the right thing.

So if you ever doubted yourself about starting on that one thing you wanted to do, like blogging maybe, remember that it’s never too late to begin on something. Especially on something you love and enjoy doing.


Momma Nish


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  1. Congratulations Mommy Nish.
    Well deserved.
    We Love reading your Article..
    Big Help for a mommy like me who also raising two girls like you.

    Amaria is so smart
    And Yana is so Charming.

    Stay Humble Mommy Nish.

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