I was so privileged and honored to be invited at the Nestle Office in Rockwell to listen on really compelling discussions about motherhood and breastfeeding and to also see their newly renovated Lactation Room and Day Care. Tell you what, I have honestly been blown away finding out how Nestle empowers their employees, especially the mothers!

Me, Amaria & Mariana at the Nestle Lactation Room

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits for both the mother and her child. Oh, such a wonderful thing nurturing your child with THE best food you could ever give your precious little one. I am a tandem feeding momma to my girls and the strong bond that exclusively breastfeeding has tied us on is unexplainable. <3

There was a short program where speakers talked about supporting hardworking, breastfeeding mothers.

The respected Nestle senior officers with Makati Mayor Abby Binay.
All smiles from the beautiful Nestle Mommas!

It’s really heart-warming to know that a company as prominent and established as Nestle is seriously committed to helping the working moms nourish their babies in the first 1000 days of their lives. I found out that Nestle offers up to 6 months Maternity Leave on top of all the perks they give their employees! Breastfeeding moms get lactation breaks, reimbursable breast pumps, and lactation aides. What’s more awesome is they also have a support group with trained lactation managers. Talk about employee retention! I am really considering applying for a marketing position at Nestle when I am able enough to get back to professional, corporate work! πŸ˜€

My exclusively breastfed girls and their Momcy who breastfed me for 3 years. <3


Compliance is key on Nestle’s way of working and they comply with the provisions of Executive Order No. 51 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (Philippine Milk Code) and Republic Act No. 10028 otherwise known as the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act.

During the discussion, I learned a lot from mommy Kaye’s talk on Purpose-filled Motherhood. Her beginnings upon establishing the Mamacademy PH —Β learning workshops for mom, women, and parents — were tough but if you have a purpose on why you do what you do, if you believe in yourself, everything will come to place.

Mommy Kaye talks about my #mompartner Icel being able to convert her calligraphy interest into a passion project and eventually earning from something she enjoys doing. <3

Another really informative talk was given by mommy Venus, Nestle’s trained breastfeeding counselor. She gladly shared with us helpful tips on why might a baby be reluctant to breastfeed, different advisable breastfeeding positions, and also the reliable signs of good milk supply.

Mommy Venus demonstrating the proper breastfeeding position.

I asked her if there is such thing as “no milk ever” and she confirmed my belief that all moms can produce milk. It’s just a matter of will and perseverance. The more you think that the milk isn’t coming out, the more chances it wouldn’t.

Mommy Frances sharing her tandem feeding experience for her twins! It’s so amazing!

I had so much fun during the interactive discussion where we all learned a lot regardless of how long or short have we been breastfeeding our kids. But the highlight of the special day was finally seeing their Lactation Room and Daycare Center!

Momma Nish and 1-year-old Yana trying out their comfy breastfeeding couch!


With Mommy Ciara and daughter Olivia who still exclusively breastfeeds from her.

The Lactation Room was spacious enough for even 8-12 women breastfeeding, breast pumping or cleaning pump paraphernalia all at the same time!


It was clean and cozy with colors that are soothing to the eyes. Such a relaxing ambiance for a breastfeeding mom.

Imagine a mom bringing her kid to work, leaving them safe and learning at the Daycare, having to eat with them during their lunchtime, or easily checking them out during their breaks. That is probably the biggest relief and convenience a working mom could ever get in her corporate life.

Amaria’s playdate was cute ate Twinkle.
She is always that busy and focused when she finds toys that get her interest.
Can’t believe there’s such a Mommy-Baby Friendly Workplace like this! Nestle office is the coolest ever!

What a delight if more companies in the Philippines would put the same effort and commitment as Nestle into prioritizing the needs of every child first through supporting breastfeeding moms. I salute and admire everyone behind Nestle for recognizing the importance of breastmilk for babies. #NestleLOVESMommas <3



As the leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness company, Nestle is committed to nurturing a healthier generation. At Nestle, the mother and child are equally important, and that a healthy and happy baby starts with a healthy and happy mommy. <3


If you are currently pregnant, I highly advise you to start preparing yourself to be a milking machine. Take good rest, drink lots of water, eat healthy food. These simple steps will benefit you and your baby. If you are a breastfeeding mom, know that you are doing a great job and that there are companies like Nestle who appreciate you and support you with your breastfeeding journey.


Momma Nish


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  1. Moms can produce milk. It’s just a matter of will and perseverance.
    Ma try nga etong momma love lactation drink. Galing talaga ng Nestle!!

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