September 18, 2015

My dearest baby (name to be added in 8 months),

A week ago, when the expected monthly period didn’t come to visit me yet, I contacted God: Lord, if this is a baby causing the delay on my menstrual period, I am ready and I will gladly accept it. But if it’s not, it’s sure is your way to let me know that I should go on and continue my career path as what me and Jason has agreed.

I asked Dra. Mitch, my OB/GYN, when shall I take a Pregnancy Test and she said September 15th. Momcy, the best mom and probably the best grandmom in the world, bought me a PT kit on the 14th.

I woke up earlier than my usual on that scheduled day of testing. Excitement wouldn’t really suffice to explain the way I was feeling that morning. I wasn’t even sure if I was praying for a positive or a negative, I just said whatever is His will for me, I shall accept it whole heartedly. So with eyes still trying to be fully awake, I unsealed the kit and took a pee. And poof! It was the first sign of your existence, baby! Positive!


Mommy could have been the most ecstatic person that minute that I couldn’t even get the words out to tell your daddy the awesome news. I just hugged him tight and cuddled him, intentionally waking him up and just waited for him to open his eyes with the PT to be the first thing he would see. And oh, how I loved daddy’s reaction. He smiled with his sleepy eyes closed again, kissed me and said, “Please take good care of our baby.”

We visited Dra. Mitch the next day- checkup, scheduled me for necessary laboratory exams and told me and daddy what to do and what not to do, what to expect in the next days to come and all those other mommy stuffs. So yeah, I am 7 weeks pregnant. It’s official, baby! We were really having you!


Now that you are on the way, I don’t really care if you’re a boy or a girl. I don’t think much of how you would look like, what would your talents be, would you be more like mom or dad? All these things really excite me though, but what really matters most to me right now is that you are healthy and safe. I can’t be a perfect mom, there are tons of things momcy does that I couldn’t, but I promise to take care of you in the best ways I can. I started refraining from having a hot cup of coffee in the morning and also stopped eating foods that might be unhealthy for you. I drink Anmum in the morning and a glass of milk at night. Been drinking vitamins too to keep you strong and stay with mommy for 9 healthy months. It is really hard for mommy to eat in the morning, I feel sick most of the time and wanna throw up even without anything in my stomach. These things shall pass. I am honoured to experience this simple hardships knowing that it’s you, my tiny little baby in my tummy, causing me this much changes. Anything for you baby, just do your growing-up-inside-my-mommy thing and I am just here trying to keep everything together.


What daddy got you for showing good signs on our 1st ultrasound.

Daddy is a big help though. He gets me everything I feel like eating and everything he feels like I need to eat. And you know what, baby? I have been craving for steak for 2 weeks now. Dad never failed to get me beef and also ice cream whenever I want to. At this early, I want you to know that you’re gonna have a great dad. Jason Ching is a very responsible, kind-hearted man. I couldn’t think of any better father to give you but daddy Jaze. We are so blessed that God gave him to us, baby. And there are truly a lot of things we should really be thankful for.







Well, mommy couldn’t go places now because we are having you. I have to keep safe and make sure you are ok at all times. Mom have been traveling whenever I have time or opportunity. But nothing excites me more now thinking that I will be traveling not only with your daddy, or momcy, or with my friends, but soon enough I will be exploring places with my own kid! I promise to be the best travel buddy you’ll ever have. But please bear with mommy because pretty soon I will be aging and there will be mountains I could no longer climb or water falls I couldn’t jump into.

My child, you are a very precious gift I promise to cherish until my last breath. I will not ask anything from you but respect. I believe you will love mom and dad as you grow up, but as you grow older and have friends, meet people, I know and expect a lot of things will change. Please make mommy your best friend. I hope you will share every secret with me and I promise to keep them safe. I hope you would always trust mommy with everything as I wouldn’t want nothing but the best for you. Mommy will be the best friend she could possibly be. Listen to your stories, attend your school performances, wear your medals of success and wipe your tears if you fail. I sure will be the happiest when you are happy, and the loneliest when you feel down. Remember that you may lose everything in the world, but mom will always stay beside you.


One craving morning, daddy got me these yummy mangoes fresh from our rooftop. 🙂

Time will come that you would be mature enough and will decide on your own, I don’t expect you to always consider us but you can expect us to support you on whatever makes you happy. If you’d like to be a pilot, a doctor, a businessman like dad, a journalist or a singer, just go and follow whatever your heart tells you. We will be here to help you find where you excel most and enhance your talents. Nothing would make us more accomplished as parents than to see you achieve your goals and get what you have wanted. You will find the man/woman you would want to spend the rest of your life with, like how mom and dad found each other, and we couldn’t be happier to see you with the one you love. I know it’s still early for these things but I want you to know that mommy will always want the best in life for you. And again, there’s nothing more you can give mom and dad but respect.

It’s funny how tears just keep rolling down my face while I am writing to you. It must be mixed feelings of happiness, excitement, fear and accomplishment. I think I will have you check this out when you are old enough to read and understand. When you are 10 years old, like the age I was when your grandpop left us, you are mature enough to comprehend and appreciate things. And I hope you’d feel our love for you in this simple letter.


Momcy got you these blankets for showing off good heart beat on your 2nd ultrasound.


Everyone is excited to meet you, baby! Mom and dad are waiting for you to brighten our home and bring joy to our lives. You have no idea how happy you would make us be. We love you so much. Thank you for giving meaning to everything. You are forever the best gift I could ever have.



Mommy Nish


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