Because my hubby, along with my friends who know about my passion for writing, and supplemented by my former college dean’s faith in me & my ability- I am taking my first, small step to being  Mommy Blogger. 🙂


#dyosathemomma on 17 weeks

Well, I’d like to begin by sharing with you my experiences, my thoughts and some recommendations some expecting moms might need on their trip through the most complex period of pregnancy.

My first two months were, how to say this, ahm, inconvenient? I don’t want to get up from bed because I feel like the world is spinning on me and I’d throw up. I didn’t eat anything until 2PM that I was already beyond starving and I would eat to death. I know it wasn’t good but I don’t think there was something I could do about it. I guess I’ve been that way for my 4th-10th weeks. But my OB, Dra. Mitch, said I had to try and eat small meals at least because my growing baby is a parasite and it would need to eat no matter what.


Pimples had also invaded my face. When I wasn’t still aware that I was pregnant, I visited a derma for facial treatments because I really got worried- I seriously get these pimples now that I am already 25? Hahaha! Then after my first check up, I was told that it could be the effect of hormonal imbalance since I was no longer menstruating. People who saw me those times would usually say I might be having a boy because my face has already changed and I look haggard.


9 weeks! Hello there, Pharaoh! My cute little nephew who always photobombs me.

So there was also this thing called “PAGLILIHI’ that I couldn’t find an English translation to from Google. Made me think, Pilipino lang ba ang naglilihi? Hahaha!


I craved for mangga! And lotsa lots of beef! The feeling of satisfaction is unexplainable when I eat beef!



With Anmum Materna in the morning and at night, plus Folic Acid and vitamins. I have to make sure my baby is healthy and well-nourished. And when I got my appetite back and wasn’t feeling that heavy anymore, my pimples were gone and I started to enjoy my pregnancy. 🙂




Attending friends’ weddings and catch up over a chocolate drink. I am an outgoing person so everytime someone invited me out for lunch or something, I gotta go! I can’t fix myself at home. I often ask momcy and Pharaoh to come with me when I want to go out. 😀


I’d also organize and attend Airborne Tech Powerbank’s events.



I love chocolates and ice cream sooo much! It wasn’t a part of pregnancy cravings. 😀

But of course, everything should be taken moderately. Too much of everything is not good, especially for pregnant women. I had to drink lotsss of water too, something I wasn’t really used to. Hihi. But, anything for baby.


Ready for 2016!


So the 5th and 6th month came smoothly but my tummy’s getting really stretched out! I couldn’t image how much more could it take and for sure it’s gonna leave some love marks. Ahaha! I put Bio-Oil or Glycerine Cream or Shea Butter, twice daily since my 4th month and luckily the expected stretch marks haven’t showed up yet. 😀



Taho and Starbuck’s Banana Loaf were what my tastebuds have been wanting lately. And I am lucky that I am spoiled by my Jason & momcy. #happybuntis


From 49kg to 56kg on the 6th month. I feel really heavy and my sole hurts when I’ve been walking for quite a long time. When on bed, I put up my legs on high pillow piles and sometimes have the hubby massage them. 🙂

Heartburns have been frequent now especially at night. It wasn’t really nice, brings too much discomfort. I usually sleep around 3AM because of it. I had to take Simeco to ease the discomfort and get to sleep. It’s safe for pregnant women. You could also try to lay on the left side and drink cold water, it helps.


Pregnancy truly has it’s inconvenience. But knowing that your baby is safe and healthy, no matter how much you had to go through, everything is worth while.

3 more months and baby Amaria Niszha will be saying hello to the world. And nothing excites me more than a normal delivery and a bouncing baby girl! 😀

Lots of love,

Mommy Nish

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