The magic of life has always amazed me. And now that I am giving one, I just can’t seem to get the hang of all the excitement and happiness that having a baby could bring.


28 weeks happily pregnant


Amaria Niszha’s Congenital Anomaly Scan @ 24th week πŸ™‚

Friends have been asking about my baby’s 4D ultrasound- an exam where the images show movement, real-time activities of your baby. Well, this really sounds exciting but I really wanted to have this exam to know if my baby has complete body parts and normal features. If you are an expecting mom, nothing would matter more than growing a healthy baby.

I’d love to post the video that daddy Jaze took during the ultrasound here on the blog, however, I could not. If someone could assist me or at least tell me why, it would be really helpful. πŸ™‚ I am totally not good at this kind of stuff, I just love to write. Hahaha!

Here are some photos though:



She was covering half of her face during the exam and ifΒ the doctor asks me to cough so she’ll move, she would just make the scan blurry and go back to her position. She really is a naughty baby because she covered her hamburger when we wanted to see her gender during her last ultrasound, and now that we wanted to see her face, it’s what she has been covering this time. πŸ˜€

My personal favorite:


The smiling baby Amaria Niszha πŸ™‚

4D ultrasound at The Medical City costs Php3,695. You may callΒ and set an appointment on your preferred branch through this link:Β

Your kit would include the exam result (definitely what your OB would need), a CD of the videos taken during the ultrasound, and one printed colored picture of your baby’s 4D ultrasound. The OB who conducted mine said she got carried away and took around 12 photos of baby Niszha. She printed it and gave all the copies to us! πŸ˜€


Seeing her active and knowing that everything is normal is just priceless. I am excited to be your mom, Amaria Niszha. I love you, my little princess.



The most excited mom-to-be on Earth,


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