For the record, I have very limited faith on TV commercials. When you’re a Mass Communication graduate, you tend to have the idea that advertisements are meant to create some kind of illusion to make the viewers have the desire to buy the certain product. For me, most of them are 80% true or even less. Not until you personally try it and experience it for yourself.


Most of my friends have been appreciating my “glowingness” in spite this pregnancy. Well, nobody said women are supposed to get ugly when they are having a baby. But I could personally say that I had this subtle radiance accompanying my pregnancy. At first I was thinking that it could be the estrogen or some female hormone that’s making me look less haggard despite the fact of sleeping usually around 3AM since my 2nd trimester. But let’s be honest, the things you use for your body are playing a big role on how you would look.


Now, I’d gladly share my very basic necessity in beauty preservation. Of course, it’s your soap. 😀 What you use to wash you body everyday is a very important factor to your skin. And since I was honestly fearing the misery of having stretch marks, I opt to keep my skin moisturized to lessen the possibility of having them.

So I took the Dove 7-day Test. I used only Dove White Beauty Bar on my every bath and my skin became noticeably softer and smoother. Why wouldn’t it be when Dove contains 1/4 pure moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that will absolutely leave your skin glowing.


The soap that hydrated my skin. 🙂

I am 30 weeks pregnant while writing this blog and no stretch marks has ever had the courage to show up yet as far as my expanding tummy is concern. I could also go out confidently looking fresh with just powder and lip gloss being that I am not really a makeup person.



I am continuing the use of this product and my skin is enjoying a continues moisture. I would definitely recommend it to those who want to maintain their smooth skin but most especially for the ones battling with their dry skin. This is our remedy! And you know you can simply get these Dove Beauty Bars at any grocery store. See and feel the difference that Dove’s #RealCare can make. Be a #DoveGirl! 😀


You are who you choose to be, so always choose to be beautiful. Fall in love with yourself and everyone else will too. Be confident! Remember that beauty is being happy with yourself.



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