I recently attended a mommy meet up which I didn’t know such ever existed until I explored more of what the ‘mommy world’ could offer a new mom like me.

Meeting new people and having new mommy friends on this venue made me realize that there is always so much more to learn on this remarkable part of a woman’s life called motherhood.

With mommy Kalai & mommy Dette πŸ™‚



We had a mini activity per group. Found out about our strengths & weaknesses as moms.

Having friends and family around to supportΒ you on this state is a fortune, but having other mommiesΒ willing to help you is such a sweet thing a new mom would sincerelyΒ appreciate.

That, for me, is the best advantage of being a part of the Millennial Moms PH.


But whoΒ are Millennial Moms? Am I a Millennial Mom?

Millennial Moms are the ones born 1980’s-2000’s. Basically the time of having access to the internet, cellphones or other technological stuffs. These mommies are hyper connected to the social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They take lots of photos of their kids and post them on a regular basis.

Β According to a research, millennial moms spend 17.4 hours per week on social media, which is 4 hours more than an average mom.

Millennial Moms are Smart. They are educated and have become mothers. Lots of millennial moms are starting their own online business. Others blog which allow them to be a mom while passionately and productively using their education. While most of them, I think, are working mommies who have a regular 8-hour job and has never missed the bliss of mothering their children.

Millennial Moms have listeners. They are frequently asked for recommendations or advice. Usually unafraid to be vocal and share their thoughts. And since they are active online, it would be just natural for them to start blogging, share their mommy stories, and somehow make money from what they normally do daily. And oh, Millennial Moms are great listeners too!

Millennial Moms want a regular “Me Time” schedule. They don’t want to just “Be A Mom” all the time. They need leisure, massage or nail spa day. They love to travel and explore. See the beauty in other things other than the beauty of being a great mommy to their children.

Millennial Moms have unique names for their kids. They try to make them as creative orΒ unused as possible. Or if not, their baby’s names usuallyΒ have meaning or sentimental reasons behind.

Millennial Moms are selfless.Β Helping others or sharing what they know or what they have with other moms like them will never be an issue for they know that it won’t make them ugly or poor to just ‘share’. πŸ˜€ They empower & inspire each other. They support one another in overcoming challenges in fulfilling the mommy life with flying colors.


90’s baby here! I am online most of the time & I post a photo of my baby regularly. πŸ™‚ I am an AB Communication graduate & currently an HR Manager. I am a blogger & I have legit followers who consider what I have to say. I enjoy “Me Times” & oh! I looove to travel! I have a 10-month old baby named Amaria Niszha. I love helping moms like me in surviving this ‘mom thing’ that only moms will understand.

So I guess, I do fall on this statistics! I am a Millennial Mom! And I am glad to have found my #MomTribe. <3

So, are you a Millennial Mom?


Mommy Nish

Ooops! Wait! There’s more! I got 2 Mom 24/7 Planners from Mommy Mundo that I’d love 2 Millennial Moms to have! Simply follow me @nishdyosaΒ andΒ @millennialmomsphΒ on Instagram and comment “I am a Millennial Mom” on my IG post. Love Love! xx <3

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