Being one of the country’s leading baby care brand, I was surprised to know that it’s the first time for Babyflo to have celebrity endorsers! And who better to represent this well-established name in the consumer products industry but the whole Arellano Family!


I was very lucky to be chosen as one of the five moms who got VIP invites to this launch at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel!


I was probably the happiest momma alive as I was reading their private message informing me of the event details. 😀

And yes, our Momcy was more than excited to come and meet Drew, Iya and baby Primo. 😀

My little girl happily playing on their setup while waiting for the event to start. 🙂


I did not know that Babyflo is a brand of and distributed by Philusa Corporation, which I also thought was pronounced as Phil U.S.A. 😀

They cover Health & Wellness (popular brand: Rhea Generics), Home Care (popular brand: Albatross), Personal Care (popular brand: Cleene), and Baby Care (popular brand: Babyflo). Yes, their brands are more popular than their company name.


Photo op with Philusa Corporation President, Mr. Neogin Evangelista, who was very nice & accommodating. 🙂


And the First Family (as they were called during the event since they are the first celebrity endorsers of Babyflo) arrived and started to make the day craazzzy!

Drew Arellano and Iya Villana are both so cool and spontaneous! I liked them for being funny and I admired them even more after witnessing how they really are in person. They are so natural.

Team A is really perfect for this #LetLoveFlowWithBabyflo campaign.


There were games to make the event more fun. On this photo, the contestant sings the Babyflo theme song (sang by Iya) and the couple will score them using the number of rubber duckies.



And I got lucky again!

The photo I uploaded (the one on the screen) was chosen as one of the five Facebook Post winners! 😀

Funny when Drew said upon seeing Ysha, “Pretty baby. Primo, ligawan mo na.” Hahaha!


Team Babyflo also gave their talk about their products.

The Oatmeal Bath is best for baby’s dry and itchy skin because it’s enriched with colloidal oats which can absorb and seal in moisture. While the Soap-Free Bath is a mild and gentle cleanser for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.


Pleasure to meet these hard working women. All so sweet and full of smiles.


There was also a short talk about the importance of Baby Bonding.


Breastfeeding while listening to the discussions. 


It was a great experience!


Plus it was great to see one of my favorite mom/beauty bloggers, a friend (her Selene is my hubby’s godchild) Shari of The Misty Mom. 🙂


I will be using the Babyflo products on Ysha and will post an entry about them. I will let you mommies know how they are. Stay tuned!


Momma Nish


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