Well, where else would it be? 😀

Ok, I’m a little biased considering that I gave birth to Niszha at Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital. <3


But seriously, if you recently gave birth or will be giving birth to your first child, this is probably one of the best news you’ll receive as mother! It totally is to me!


So my 1-yr. old and I were invited to the launch of JDMH’s First Time Mom Unit – technically the first hospital facility in the Philippines designed to cater the needs of soon-to-be first-time moms!



This is such a dream come true for new moms who need assistance on achieving the crucial role of being a mother with flying colors!


There were booths of different mom and baby brands during the 3-day launch.


My little girl was very patient visiting all the booths & therefore getting lots of freebies! 😀


She has also been busy saying ‘hi’ and making friends on the event. 😀

FTMU Membership is free! And here are the benefits!

Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation Classes

Preparation is the key! If you have the knowledge of the normal body changes you can expect throughout pregnancy, or the physical symptoms to watch out for, you will know how to deal with anything you’ll be uncomfortable with.

Pre and Post Natal Classes

Nutrition Counseling and Exercise Classes also comes in because we need to take care of our body during and after pregnancy. Vaccination Counseling will also be given to inform parents of the proper vaccines for baby and their importance. Basic Newborn Care shall be taught to know how to keep the little ones safe and healthy the moment they leave the hospital. And for moms who decide to breastfeed, they will be taught how to properly do it and be counseled if difficulties like soreness or insufficient supply arise.

Basic First Aid and CPR Classes

Having a background on this is honestly essential not only to us moms, but also for daddies and other people involved in taking care of baby. We can never tell when emergency arises.

First Time Mom Support Group

And this one’s officially my favorite. I have been attending mom meet-ups and events to meet new moms like me since I had Ysha. It helped me understand motherhood more and, in a way, was an aid for me to improve performing my new role as mother.

Members will also be given free ambulance service on their child delivery! (soon)

So you see, mommies, your journey to optimal health care starts here!


Can’t believe I had this JDMH baby 13 months ago!


All thanks to my gorgeous & expert OB, Dra. Michelle Dado. She even pulled off normal delivery considering that Ysha’s cord was wrapped around her neck! I highly recommend her to my friends & readers who plan to conceive anytime soon! 😀


I’m glad to have chosen Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital and now be a member of its First Time Mom Unit. It is one of the best birthing hospitals in the country and it continues to meet the growing health care needs of the community with complete facilities as a general hospital, committed to rendering high-quality service.

For inquiries or more details, you may check out their Facebook & Instagram or call (02) 924 4051.


Momma Nish


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