That’s right! On July 26, in a special Baby Shower at Ibiza Beach Club in BGC, Camille proudly revealed that she’s been using the specially formulated, organic, and natural skincare products from Sanosan- 100% paraben-free, Made in Germany.ย Aside of course from also having a healthy diet and a happy outlook in life.

The 7 months pregnant Camille Prats-Yambao! <3

Since she learned about her pregnancy, talk-show host and celebrity mom Camille Prats-Yambaoย has always been on the lookout for pure, natural, high-quality and affordable products that are safe for modern Filipina moms like her.

Camille is launched as Sanosan Brand Ambassador!

On this same afternoon, the company officially launched Camille as their brand ambassador! Who else would represent this brand better than a lady who has always portrayed a sweet and gentle image?


There were a brief interview from the media about her pregnancy like how different is this compared to her first born, which I remember she answered that this one’s a lot harder. She had morning sickness and could barely move. According to her, her husband, VJ Yambao, even said they didn’t expect to not even experience the “honeymoon stage” since she got pregnant right away and then would just want to stay in bed all day. Good thing she has gotten better on the 4th month.



Let me just add that Ibiza did serve good tasting food during the launch! ๐Ÿ™‚

Millennial Moms PH bloggers were invited on the launch event



Thank heavens to RICHPRIME Global Inc.– the leading distributor of high quality, branded children’s products in the Philippines (Barbie, Chicco, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Megabloks, Monster High, HIT Entertainment and more) for bringing Sanosan to the country!

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.47.36 PM.png

This 30-year old company is headed by mother-and-daughter duo, Ms. Myrna T. Yao andย Ms. Liza Yao, with aย strong belief thatย โ€œEvery child deserves a happy childhood.โ€

Contract signing! Camille’s talent manager Mr. Jojo Ampeloquio, Ms. Myrna and Ms. Liza
This pregnant mom is seriously so bloomingly gorgeous! <3
Camille is officially welcomed to the Sanosan Family!

Now every mother and child in the Philippinesย can have easy access to Germany’s best skincare products for moms and their little ones! All will rejoice as it is also said to be more affordable than other brands in the market.


Here are the 4 Product Lines available in the PH:

  • Baby Bath โ€“ Bath & Shampoo, Care Soap, Shampoo, Wash & Care Gentle Foam
  • Baby Care โ€“ Care Lotion, Care Oil, Care Powder, Care Ointment, Care Panthenol Ointment
  • Natural Kids โ€“ Gentle body wash, shampoo and conditioners for kids, carefully formulated with olive oil, milk, and natural fruit fragrances
  • Mama Care โ€“ Specially formulated to care for pregnant moms: Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, Mom-To-Be Spray, Cooling Leg Cream and Intimate Hygiene Liquid Cleanser


Camille, now the brand ambassador of Sanosan, believes that choosing pure and natural products is her way to show her baby girl how much she loves her, even before she is born. She’s been using the products herself for sometime now and says, “I wouldn’t partner with just any brand. I believe in Sanosan.”

Showbiz interview with Nelson Canlas of GMA

Sanosan is available in all leading department stores nationwide, and online through and

Visit and follow them for more info and updates!

Instagram @sanosanph

Facebook: Sanosan Philippines


It was a simple media gathering and the event was successful!ย Great to have witnessed this milestone on Camille’s career and Sanosan’s expansion.

Then mall time with my event chaperones, Momcy & Ysha!
But first, milk! ๐Ÿ˜€

Mommy bloggers are trying their best too on keeping moms updated because we all want what’s best for our babies!

Will try out some of the products on Ysha and will let you know what we think soon! If you’ve tried Sanosan, I’d love to hear your feedback!


Momma Nish

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