A day for ourselves! Salon, spa, nail pampering? Yes, please! These are what moms like me look forward to on weekends! And thank heavens for The Momma Club for organizing such at least once a month.


After the nail spa parties where I get to meet new momma friends alongside having clean hands and feet, here comes a makeup workshop in collaboration with aΒ global beauty brand known for its irreverent names, creative packaging and instant beauty solutionsBenefit Cosmetics!

With Momma Jay of the The Momma Club and Ms. Celina of Benefit Cosmetics

I got really interested on attending this since I am, admittedly, in need of basic makeup lessons! There was a fee of P1,000 that includes Krispy Kreme for our snack and bottled drinks. And all the attendees were given P500 worth of Benefit GC.

The workshop was led byΒ Ms. Celina Fernandez, a National Brow Artist and Brow Coach. So you could just imagine how intensely taught was the brow game to the mommas!

There was a brief history to which I learned that the founders of Benefit tossed a coin to decide whether they’ll put up a makeup or a kaserole business. So yes, makeup won and we now have Benefit Cosmetics providing us with awesome beauty products with witty names.


Momma Angie was our model!

The importance of eyebrows to our physical appearance were given emphasis. I learned that for women who have dark hair like me, we should go for 1 or 2 shades lighter for our brows. While the ones with blonde hair should use 1 or 2 shades darker.

Would you believe it’s just here that I learned IΒ should put on a moisturizer then primer before anything else? πŸ˜€

Here are some of the Benefit products used during the workshop:


These are all great for beginners like me! Makeup enthusiasts could also make a good use of these on their collection.


It’s also great to know thatΒ all Benefit products undergo very strict tolerance tests using non-animal methods during the development of each product to ensure quality and safety prior to market.

Happy smiles with the beautiful momma Jan after the workshop
with momma Annie, Rachelle, Rich, Pritzi and Thea <3

This makeup workshop has made even more fun by my momma friends! Always happy to see them and meet new mommas too!

Then my little girl came to pick me up!

It’s great that Benefit Cosmetics conducts free workshops like this for women who’d like to look more presentable with the help of makeup. And on collaborating with The Momma Club, moms also experience the relaxation that meeting fellow moms can bring.

Any makeup tips for beginners like me? What’s your favorite Benefit product? I’d love to know!


Momma Nish


Hey! I also made a vlog! Watch and find out more of what went on! πŸ™‚

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  1. What a great club to organize such a cool event! I am in the process of stepping up my makeup game as well and I LOVE Benefit products. Their POREfessional skin primer is EVERYTHING and I use it daily. I also love their mascara! One day, I plan on going to a makeup class to learn some new tricks, especially for eye makeup. I really enjoyed this post…thank you for sharing!

    • The POREfessional must be a bomb for you to use it daily! I have to try it too! Thanks for your input, really appreciate it. There’s still to much for me to learn about how to put on makeup!

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