Ever wonder which toys are fit for your baby or your toddler? I am lucky I don’t have to wonder about that now after attending an intimate discussion with future mommies at SM Megamall last July 15, all thanks to no other than the most trusted toy company there is, Fisher-Price! Who partnered with no less than the leading go-to store for baby needs, Baby Company!

This mini-seminar entitled Great Mom In The Making was specially organized for soon-to-be-moms on which they learned the role of ‘playing’ on their child’s development. Plus how to choose the right toys and books appropriate for their stage or age.

With Kim of Baby Company and Kalai, fellow mommy blogger covering the event for Millennial Moms PH <3
Creative moms at work!

Bib-making activity where the mommies where given colored glue pens to design their baby’s bib.

According to research, PLAY allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. This activity is important in developing healthy brains! It is through play that, at a very early age of our children, they engage and interact in the world around them.

Toys best for newborn!

My 2-month old Amaria Niszha enjoying the same toy awake and asleep!

Toys best for 6 months and up!


As mommies, it is our duty to choose the right toys for our little ones. They need not to only be cute or fun, they should be our children’s tools on enhancing their sences, motor skill, imagination and even eye and hand coordination.

I didn’t even realize toys could be this ‘complicated’. I thought as long as it’s colorful and Ysha seems to like it, that would do. Glad to know the deeper use of different toys for my little girl. And even more glad to know that Fisher-Price got us covered from baby, toddler to kids!

Toys best for toddlers!

While for books, the ones with bright colors, tiny and made of fabric are great for infants (6-12 months). Young toddlers’ books (12-24 months) should be made with strong board which they can carry and contains illustrations of kids doing familiar things. While books with stories and have simple text are recommended for preschoolers (3-5 years old).

Cute lang ni mommy Kalai dito taking her blog pics. 🙂

To get the new moms fully ready for their upcoming angels, there was also a demonstration of latest gears! Most importantly, stroller and carrier.

Chicco Stroller and Car Seat

Awesome travel system: conveniently a car seat, a rocker and a stroller!

Easy Fit Carrier

Where-to-face-baby demo: face in for cuddles or when baby is asleep, face out for them to explore the world!

Future mommies actively participating on the Songs With the Word “Baby” Game 🙂
Mommy winners of gifts from Fisher-Price! Congrats, mommas! <3

Fisher-Price is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of babygear and toys! So whether you have a baby on the way, recently delivered your little one or gearing up a toddler, they sure have something for you!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.43.14 PM.png

2-year old Draco found himself a toy!
Little kuya so happy seeing the Fisher-Price toys!

Baby Company recently had a great sale so be sure to catch up on their next schedule!

Fisher-Price &amp; Baby Company

Fisher-Price toys are best for gifts too!

Loving them shoes!

Then Ysha came to pick me up!


DSCF9286She was running around like, “What did you do here, momma? Did you get me a toy?” 😀

With mommy Kalai’s sweet Draco who’d go around the mall with me! Pwede ko na iuwi! 😀
What we all went home with!

I specially love the cute & colorful spoons for my I-can-eat-alone-now-mommy 14 month old.

I’m not pregnant, I just look like I am! Hahaha! 😀

As parents, we always wonder if we give all the best to our child. Researching and conversations with other moms are recommended to broaden our ‘mommy knowledge’. And remember to always trust the experts! I do trust Baby Company and Fisher -Price for my little girl!


Momma Nish



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  1. Great post! Very informative. I just saw one of those stroller/car seat combos the other day? I will definitely get one for my next baby!

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