The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother, never. A MOTHER IS SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY NEW.

I was invited to the relaunch of Johnson & Johnson at Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital (JDMH) where they’ve tied up for the First Time Mom Unit– the first ever hospital facility in the Philippines designed to cater the needs of soon-to-be first-time moms!


With my ever gorgeous OB, Dra. Mitch Dado. One of JDMH’s bests!

Being now a member (I signed up for free during the launch last May), I fortunately had the chance to attend a lecture about Touch Therapy & Swaddle Bathing. (Vlogging about it very soon!) Just some of the senseful lectures given to soon-to-be-moms at the FTMU.

Ms. Joanna Cabrera of Johnson & Johnson discussing the first module of the day

Here I met the 28 years old, 28 weeks pregnant mommy, Patty Garcia, who has attended all the 15 lectures conducted at FTMU since its launch! So you bet, it got my attention. Like, what’s with the FTMU that made a new mom like her keep on coming back? And luckily, she accepted my invitation for an interview. 🙂

Mommy Patt on the comfy couch of FTMU

Patty resigned from work and stayed home because her pregnancy was very sensitive. She had rashes all over her body and threw up a lot!

So my first question to her was: Why does she trust FTMU so much on getting information needed on her pregnancy and baby?

The answer was pretty obvious! Of course the lecturers are all professionals! Resident OB, dietician/nutritionist, pedia, chief nurse and reputable staff of J&J! To whom else would you entrust your pregnancy? 😀

Respected professionals that make up the FTMU

She says she primarily learned a lot on how to bathe the baby since it’s what she fears most. Imagine, she even bought a baby toy to practice on! She sent me photos of her home training with her very supportive mother-in-law. 🙂

And speaking of her mom-in-law,  mommy Rowena, can I just say that Patty’s so lucky to have her being very involved on her pregnancy? Normally it’s your mother who assists you on this stage but in her case, oh, she’s just one lucky preggy! Which makes daddy Laya, her husband, feeling proud and at ease.

Photo from Patty: Her parents on the left & in-laws on the right

Mommy Patty also added that apart from the clarifications on the common pregnancy misconceptions, she was also given tips on sleeping positions– best for her and baby, weight watch– sugar or diabetes on pregnant women, and walking or exercise to avoid preeclampsia which she totally had no idea about and thought she could just stay home and rest all day like what she’s used to.

JDMH First Time Mom Unit

Breastfeeding has also been a highlight to her FTMU experience. It made her excited and anxious at the same time. But with the help of the JDMH professionals, she says she might now have enough knowledge & preparation on what to expect and what to do when she breastfeeds her baby. Something she wouldn’t learn from her own family because all 7 sibs weren’t breastfed.

According to Patty, mommy Rowena encourages her to attend all the lectures & trainings at the FTMU saying “Maswerte kayo kasi may ganyan na ngayon para sa mga bagong nanay, dati wala namang mga ganyan.” And she does attend regularly (even comes in as early as 7AM for 10AM class all the way from Pasig!) because she really is learning, thus preparing her in giving all the best to her baby.

With Gab & Cookie of JDMH, Mr. & Mrs. Garcia and my team Momcy & Ysha 😀

Patty also gained new mommy friends! They share thoughts and experiences and she says it’s good to hear stories from moms who has already experienced pregnancy and birthing. They all are encouraging their first time mom friends to join FTMU because it’s worth their time.

First time moms and dads after lecture

Can I also just add that the First Time Mom Unit has very accommodating staff, lecturers and receptionist? <3

TRIVIA! Did you know that Lifeline 16911 is the first and only dedicated Emergency Quick Response (EQR) service in the Philippines that provides the most reliable and efficient emergency medical response service? And this “Rescue 911 of the Philippines” is FREE to all FTMU members who are about to deliver their baby!


So don’t be shy or afraid to join. There are just so many perks for a membership that is absolutely FREE!

Mommy Patty on her 3rd trimester!

Patty is due on September and it’s awesome that she got the great Dr. Raineiro Abad, medical director of JDMH for her OB. Her advise: Don’t stop learning. Do your research. Always think positive!



I had a great time chatting with Patt and Laya over lunch. It’s always great to meet new moms and hear their stories. There ain’t no hood like motherhood!


Momma Nish




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