Creativity is intelligence having fun. -Albert Einstein



These are just some of the many creative works of my good friend, Charlene Mae Albo. We graduated from the same school and she happens to be the current Digital & Graphic Marketing Artist of Airborne Technologies.

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So if you notice, her portfolio consists mostly of her graphic designs for Airborne Technologies’ social media marketing needs. Cha, as she is called by friends and officemates, is an outgoing person who loves photography and film. She is one of the most ultimate fan of Justin Bieber (she looks at his photo everyday, her vitamins). A fitness junkie and aΒ party animal who might look like a snob but is a total crazy girl when you get to know her.


Charlene Albo also has a humorous sense of artistry when she does memes. πŸ™‚


She does almost all of the creative designs for social media marketing for Airborne Technologies. Be it informational, promotional, or humorous graphics. And she has her own vision, she conceptualize and create her own designs. Such a creative young girl!


Ms. Charlene Albo also does some promotional designs for Myvape Airborne, Inc., the sister company of Airborne Tech that primarily caters electronic cigarette, Pinoy made atomizers and mods to the international market.


On the side, she can also design tarps or announcement graphics forΒ different kinds of businesses.




Also, Cha is my gym or fitness buddy. And I must say she is more disciplined than me. She can lose weight in weeks while I gain them! πŸ˜€


My seat mate in the office, thesocialsoul graphics maker, a trusted friend.

To creativity and beyond,


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