Mommy Mundo, the pioneering multi-platform community for Filipino moms that’s been advocating healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, active parenting and mompreneurship since 2003, launches its 2018 plans with a campaign that sheds light on the heart of its mission: #Mompowerment.

“We have always been about providing information and support to moms in the various stages of their mommy journey, in ways that are inclusive, inspiring and empowering.  This year, we’re very excited to share our #Mompowerment campaign. Why #Mompowerment? Because we believe that empowered moms build empowered families who raise empowered children who in turn, grow up to make a difference and create an empowered nation,” said Janice Crisostomo Villanueva, founder and CEO of the first-ever Filipino mom community, Mommy Mundo. In 1997, she was a newbie mom who started her parenting advocacy borne out of the simple need to have on-hand resource and in 2003, the brand was formalized.

Recently, Janice was awarded as one of Southeast Asia’s 17 Women Icons for her work in helping moms to realize their immeasurable value and capabilities through Mompreneurship, Momfluence and Momshare, advocacies that all lead to Mompowerment.

The #Mompowerment Campaign is all about the power of sharing stories that connect moms to each other, making them feel they belong to something bigger, making them want to do better and be better because authentic, heart-filled stories empower.

dyosathemomma: Mommy Mundo #Mompowerment campaign, ExpoMom 2018

Through Expo Mom, #Mompowerment is set to be a 7-month long, multi-platform campaign highlighting the stories of more than 50 moms from Manila as well as from around the Philippines such as Cebu, Davao, Negros, Cagayan de Oro and Baguio, sharing their #mompowerment moments so they can inspire others.  These are stories of success in the everyday pursuit of balance; stories of courage from moms who’ve undergone major trials and struggles in life; stories of moms who have gone beyond their hearth and homes to make a difference for others.  Cumulatively, these are all stories of moms who empower moms whether they are real moms, mompreneurs, influencers, experts, trailblazers or philanthropists.

The initial set of #Mompowerment moms’ portraits were captured by established photographer and mom of 3, Sheila Catilo, their stories were captured on video by Jason Magbanua’s Little Big Day team. The public can look forward to these images and stories at Expo Mom’s events, and online on beginning this May.

dyosathemomma: headshot by photographer Shiela Catilo for the Mommy Mundo #Mompowerment campaign, ExpoMom 2018

Mommy Mundo hopes that through these stories, moms from all over the nation will learn to recognize their own mompowerment and share these stories by coming to Expo Mom, or by sharing their stories online, creating a strong, positive movement of empowered women.

Mommy Mundo’s flagship event Expo Mom is attended by over 12,000- 15,000 moms annually since its conception 11 years ago. Expo Mom 2018: #Mompowerment, slated for May 18-20 in Glorietta Activity Center, is the biggest and longest running, nationwide, mom-focused event, and will kick off the nationwide roadshow.

Expo Mom features more than 80+ booths, hundreds of brands of the latest products and services for moms, babies, children and families, part of which is Expo Mom’s trademark “mompreneur market” which it pioneered in 2008 at the first Expo Mom event. It will also feature all day demos and activities onstage, as well as inspiring “Mompowerment Talks”.

dyosathemomma: Mommy Mundo #Mompowerment campaign, ExpoMom 2018

Expo Mom is also one of Manila’s most mom-friendly events as it features a cozy Mom Lounge for breastfeeding and diaper changing, a Dad Lounge, as well as a Kids’ Play Area.

Entrance fee to Expo Mom is P25.00, 100% of which will go to Mommy Mundo’s Momshare outreach programs. Mommy Mundo Passport holders get a free tote bag. To apply for a Mommy Mundo Passport, simply go to or get one at Expo Mom.

Expo Mom 2018 Roadshow Schedule:

  • Expo Mom Cebu: June 16, Ayala Center
  • Expo Mom Negros: June 23, The District Northpoint
  • Expo Mom South: July 20, Alabang Town Center
  • Expo Mom North I: July 14-15, Trinoma
  • Expo Mom North II: October 6-7, Trinoma
  • Expo Mom Davao: September 1, Abreeza Mall
  • Expo Mom Central: September 21-23, Central Square BGC
  • Expo Mom CDO: October 20, Centrio Mall
  • Expo Mom Baguio: November 24, TBA

The #Mompowerment campaign is currently engaging real moms online to share their #Mompowerment moment on Mommy Mundo’s Facebook and IG social platforms.

Here is mine! It’s the first time I’m going to share this story and I know a lot of first time moms could relate.

When I got pregnant and gave birth at 26 years old, I honestly thought all my goals in life were crashed and would no longer be a reality. I have always been an overachiever and I had all my career & life plans laid out. I was certain I was gonna make it to the top!

The first few months of having Amaria Niszha were a mix of glorious joys & pint of depression. I love being a mom to her. Never a second did I regret having her and she is everything I have ever wished for! But there were questions that made me feel sad: Is this the end of everything for me? Is this all that I am now? Just a mother?

I accepted & embraced that having Ysha now is God’s plan. Moved on with my depression and figured motherhood didn’t take away my passion for writing and I could use it as an outlet to somewhat still do what I love while being the best mom that I could be for Ysha.
I have been enjoying writing on my blog my motherhood journey with Ysha and I am so fulfilled to know that I am helping other moms by simply sharing our mom-daughter experiences.

Blogging has opened up new opportunities for me! I have been meeting new friends and my community has grown in ways I didn’t imagine. I may not be writing for the biggest publications now but it’s been such a pleasure writing for my own publication while nurturing my little girl 100% since day 1. ☺️

I have been blessed with a smart, healthy and beautiful child who has given a whole new meaning and color to my world. It is such an honor & a privilege to be her mom and I wouldn’t trade that for the world! ❤️

I had my fair share of depression on my early days of pregnancy & motherhood but let us not think that having a baby is the end of us. Life may not always go as we planned it to be but we can always find a way to make things better. I am proud to say that motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me!

dyosathemomma: headshot by photographer Shiela Catilo for the Mommy Mundo #Mompowerment campaign, ExpoMom 2018

Mommy Mundo invites moms to recognize their own empowered moments whether it be their personal successes and achievements, surviving major life challenges, or even daily victories such as getting fit, being create, running on zero, striving for home/life work balance, getting over mom guilt, multi-tasking mastery, skills in the kitchen, no yaya challenges or single motherhood.

Mommy Mundo believes #mompowerment begins with an awareness of being empowered, facing any situation with chin held high, and owning one’s strength and capabilities.

Since 2003, Mommy Mundo has strived to empower moms through its various initiatives that enable her to recognize and embrace her own joys and victories. Simply put, Mommy Mundo is every mom’s partner in #Mompowerment.

For more info on Mommy Mundo, visit or follow its social media accounts @MommyMundo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

For more info on Expo Mom, visit


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