It continues to amaze me how girls could just simply hate their fellow girls without any feasible reason. I mean… You know what I mean. 😀

Let me use this one venue where people could show so much hate: On this era where Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram are obligatory, everyone feels the urge to post each and every photo of their travel, their food, their outfit, or their faces. And that is something we could not control. 😀

There is one thing you can freely do though- unfollow. If it pains you to see happy faces, if it stabs your chest looking at their mouth-watering dinner- unfriend. It always bothers me to see a close friend online, posted a photo, and definitely saw your recent post and not like it. Does she seriously not like each and every photo I post? Did I hurt her eye with the snack I just uploaded on the social network? I don’t know. I don’t know what she feels seeing girls enjoying their lives. I don’t know what makes these girls’ thumbs so heavy that it would hurt them to hit the <3 button.

The funny thing is that this kind of girls are the ones who post their activities on the social media every single time. And they are a hypocrite if they will tell us they do not expect people, or their social network friends to like their photos too! I admit I do not like photos on FB or IG that are blurred or dark or the skirt does not fit her top, I really can’t appreciate the photo. But I believe I have liked every single selfie or any life post from my close friends.

So what if she’s happy with her love life and you’re not? Can you not be happy for her too? Why can’t you appreciate her doing a great job at work by liking her photo celebrating her promotion? It wouldn’t kill you. It sure won’t. But sadly, there are just girls who can’t seem to share with the gladness other girls feel or experience in their lives.

I remember a word from one of my female professors from LPU when a girl classmate is late for class again. She said, ladies try hard to look good, get the latest bag or try on the newest hairstyles not to impress the opposite sex but because they are in a continuous competition with the same sex. Hmm… Makes sense, right?

But why hate? We should stick together! Love your own kind. Together we should fight against abusive men or the price increase of a Mac Lipstick! We should support each other. Is it true that we hate because we envy? Do we hate because there would be no freakin’ way we could be that person? Remember, no matter how beautiful or successful that girl may be, there is always something you have that she doesn’t. Be content and stop comparing yourself with others. You are a beautiful creature because God created you.



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