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A helpful tool to keep our kids off of gadgets or technology are good books that they will enjoy reading.  One challenge for parents though is how to choose the right book. Gosh! There’s just so many children’s books available in the bookstores!

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The internet has a huge impact to children as young as this little girl who’s always up for something fun & cool things to do. I’m so happy Ysha loves books especially the ones with good graphics and entertaining stories. 📚 She’s recently been into her @omflit books that honestly helps us raise her in Godly character with these readings with values, health or bible stories. 💝 She actually remembers the stories! ☺️ 🔹 Will share more of the #HiyasChildrenBooks on the blog soon! 😊 What do you read with your kids, mommies? I’d love to check them out too! 😍☺️ . . . #AmNiszhaGirl #bookreading #littlereader #booklover #booksforkids #storybooks #hiyas #childrenbooks

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As a mom with an almost 2-year old girl who enjoys reading books so much, I am really glad Millennial Moms PH has introduced me to HiyasOMF Literature’s imprint for children’s books! Their books are such assistance to parents in helping children form healthy habits and grow in Godly character. Plus, the books are fun to read! Hiyas offers a wide selection of books on different topics, ranging from books on values and health to Bible stories and activity books.
dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review
Here are some of their great children books Ysha and I have read together:
(she’s already memorized some of her favorite lines!)

Bee Helpful

The seventh title in the series Dee the Bee which is a popular Hiyas series written by Joyce Piap-Go and illustrated by Maria Cristina Sison. The series helps kids develop positive values, stay healthy, and take care of the environment. In this book, Dee the Bee teaches young kids practical life skills they will need when they grow up, including lessons on how to be diligent, independent, and kind. The book also encourages adults to help kids nurture a caring and helping attitude by “deliberately creating opportunities for them to act compassionately.”

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

Dyaran! Ang Kambal na Hebigat! (Tada! The Heavyweight Twins!)

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

Pediatrician and writer Luis “Tito Dok” Gatmaitan introduces the topic of weight management and good eating habits to children in this book. The twenty-first title in the bestselling “Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok (Stories of Uncle Doc)” series, Ang Kambal na Hebigat  not only addresses obesity in children but also gives tips on how parents can help their kids have proper weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The book features the fun illustrations of Mike Amante.

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

Dirty ’Yan, Judy Ann! (That’s Dirty, Judy Ann!)

This is the second title in “Oki Dok!”, the new health series by Luis “Tito Dok” P. Gatmaitan specially written for younger kids. With adorable illustrations by Cy Vendivil, Oki Dok! features fun and simple stories that address the health and hygiene concerns of preschoolers. This book explains the value of cleanliness through the endless—but loving—reminders of a mother obsessed with being clean.

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

Checkup Time, Adam at Audrey!

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

The third book in a new series on health for pre-schoolers. The Oki Dok series addresses the health and hygiene issues of young children which was also written by Luis “Tito Dok” Gatmaitan and illustrations by Cy Vendivil. Tito Dok joins the young children in discovering the wonders and workings of their bodies.


Bee Helpful, Dirty ’Yan, Judy Ann! and Checkup Time, Adam at Audrey are available for P100.00 each, while Dyaran! Ang Kambal na Hebigat! sells for P120.00. All four titles are available at National Book Store, OMF Lit Bookshop, Passages, and other leading bookstores nationwide. They can also be ordered online through passagesbooks.com.

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review
Very serious! Like she can really read it. 😀

 Our bookshelf grows from college to the time we’re pregnant. And those shelves aren’t straining from Dr. Seuss or board books either. Books on pregnancy and parenting fill up our home, and if you now have a little girl just like me, books to build a stronger mother-daughter relationship are probably stacking up, too!

dyosathemomma: Hiyas Books for kids from OMF Literature Book Review

Be sure to choose books that are not only interesting or colorful but also teaches them some values and good habits. Ysha and I love reading books that make us feel like we are the main characters! 😀 Try reading these books with your kids and you’ll both have a great time too!

What books do you read to your little ones, mommies! I’d love to know and check them out too!


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4 thoughts on “Hiyas Books for Kids

  1. Dangelyn Natividad-Taotao April 11, 2018 — 6:52 pm

    Wow very good ysha, sana lo ko maging interested din sa books.

    1. Let’s start them young mommy. They keep up kasi with the routine usually. Show them you are interested din para they will think it’s really interesting. Hehe. Kisses to the little one. <3

  2. wow! ang cucute ng books! i buy books from book sale or sa mga tabi..Minsa sa national bookstore. Every hapon kapag nap time usually doon hihirit ang kids ng kwento eh so pag ubos na stock ko gawa gawa na ko haha. thanks for this Might check on those books 🙂

    1. I often buy on Book Sale too! Same quality for a much lesser price! <3 Gusto ko yung gawa gawa na ng kwento kapag naubos na ang stock. Hehe! Creative talaga tayong mga mommy! <3

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