Raise your hand if you’re guilty of feeding your family the easiest, most convenient meals lately.

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Serving up preserved food has been moms’ rescue for ages! As long as there’s food on the table, I’m good, we’re good.


But with this comes the struggle of still trying to give them healthy meals! I am glad to be introduced to Fisherfarms – the leading aquaculture food producer in the Philippines! Their offerings are not only quick and easy to prepare, but also healthy for the family!


Fisherfarms utilizes state-of-the-art technology and hires local Filipino talents! Their main products are milkfish and shrimp.


  • Excellent source of Protein
  • Has zero trans-fat
  • Good source of Omega-3 and Vitamin B-12


  • Low in calories
  • One of the best food sources of Iodine
  • Good source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids


Here are some of their products that we’ve tried and what I think about them:


This is an award-winning healthy indulgence! And quite probably my favorite! It’s amazing na lasang-lasa mo talaga yung pagka-tinapa niya! I love eating this with my favorite Pinakurat na Suka. Typing now makes me salivate!


Fisherfarms Smoked Pure Belly is smoked using 100% virgin beechwood chips imported from Germany for that chemical-free, robust, and smokey flavor. It’s one of the few Filipino products that has been given a Superior Taste Award (2018) by the renowned International Taste Institute (ITQI) in Brussels, Belgium.

SRP: Smoked Pure Belly 350g – Php 285, Smoked Pure Belly 100g – Php 99



Indulge in a variety of continental tastes with Fisherfarms Gourmet Fillet selections. The portioned ready-to-cook milkfish fillets let you enjoy world-class taste in just minutes.


I enjoyed ALL the different flavors of these milkfish fillets! The flavors just burst in your mouth so mapapakanin ka talaga! Hahaha! If I have to choose one though, my favorite is the Mexican Glazed. Feels like maracas and accordion are playing on the background with every spoon of fillet and rice in my mouth!

SRP: Gourmet Fillet 200g – Php 99



My Amaria’s favorite! I literally have to stop her from popping them in continuously. She is quite the shrimp lover, and shrimp coated with crispy breading is a big hit to my 3 years old!

Screen Shot 2019-11-dyosathemomma-Fisherfarms-easy-to-prepare-food-shrimp-mommy-blogger-ph

You will seriously taste the fun in every bite! Fisherfarms Shrimp Poppers is a fun savory snack that comes in Original, Salted Egg and Cheddar flavors.

SRP: Shrimp Poppers Original 200g – Php 89, Shrimp Poppers Salted Egg 210g – Php 99, Shrimp Poppers Cheddar 210g – Php 99


I honestly didn’t expect this variety to taste as good as it did! This ready-to-cook sizzling dish is perfect for dinner. Whip up a sizzling serving of sisig with Fisherfarms Bangus Sisig and get ready for a night of delicious feasting. I could even taste the calamansi on it. Kumpleto na talaga!

SRP: Bangus Sisig 200g – Php 89, Bangus Sisig 1KG (S&R Exclusive) – Php 425




I must say, this is Momcy’s personal pick from all the bit. She enjoyed making it her fave veggie dish’s pansahog. And as usual, Amaria gets to papak all the shrimp too!

Screen Shot 2019-11-dyosathemomma-Fisherfarms-easy-to-prepare-food-shrimp-mommy-blogger-ph

Fisherfarms premium Kurin Shrimps are raised in the pristine seawater farms of the Philippines, giving it a naturally sweet, clean and robust flavor. Conveniently cook a delectable dish using our peeled and deveined Kurin Shrimps.

SRP: Kurin Raw Peeled & Deveined Medium 500g – Php 285, Kurin Raw Peeled & Deveined Large 500g – Php 299, Kurin Raw Peeled & Deveined Jumbo 500g – Php 420, Kurin Cooked Peeled & Deveined Large 500g – Php 418

Screen Shot 2019-11-dyosathemomma-Fisherfarms-easy-to-prepare-food-shrimp-mommy-blogger-ph

Fisher Farms grows most of its milkfish in the pristine waters of Pangasinan in the northern Philippines. As we all know, milkfish grown in saltwater have sweeter, more flavorful, firmer, and cleaner flesh than fish grown in ponds. With fewer micro-organisms contaminating the flesh, the fish also has a longer shelf life when harvested. The fish are fed with the right amount of protein and nutrients at every stage of their development. Fisher Farms controls the diet of its catch and uses 100% high protein feeds to ensure high-quality fish meat.

To date, Fisher Farms has the largest number of sea fish cages in the Philippines. While majority of its business is driven by its bangus or milkfish products, FFI is also in the business of growing and processing other species such as tilapia, pompano, and shrimp.


Fisherfarms products are available in these following leading supermarkets:

Allday Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Daily Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Fishermall, KCC Supermarket, Landers Superstore, LCC Supermarket, Makati Supermart, Merkado Supermarket, Metro Supermarket, Pioneer Centre, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustans Supermarket, S&R Supermarket, Shoppers Center, Shopwise Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM Savemore, SM Supermarket, South Supermarket, The Landmark, Unimart, and Waltermart.

You may check out their website http://www.fisherfarms.ph and follow their Facebook and Instagram to see more of their offerings.

I am one happy momma that this generation has made parenting a lot easier for busy moms like me! Fulfilled to serve my family yummy, healthy dishes that didn’t cause me so much time and effort. You should try Fisherfarms too and find out the goodness for yourself!


Momma Nish




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